The Backyardigans (partially lost British dub of Nick Jr. CGI-animated series; mid-late 2000s)

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The backyardigans title.jpeg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

The Backyardigans is a Canadian-American television series that aired on Nick Jr. from 2004 to 2010. Like several other Nick Jr. shows, including Oswald, Wonder Pets!, and Blue's Clues, it was dubbed for the UK market in an effort to not confuse children on pronunciation. Lizzie Waterworth (Austin and Uniqua {Now confirmed for Uniqua}), Janet James (Pablo), and Maria Darling (Tasha and Tyrone) are believed to be the voice actors for the protagonists of the show.

Episode List

It was originally believed that some of the episodes were not dubbed, but Lizzie Waterworth (Uniqua and Austin) confirmed all 80 episodes were dubbed.

# Episode Title Status
1 Pirate Treasure Found
2 The Heart of the Jungle Partially Lost
3 The Yeti Found
4 The Snow Fort Found
5 Secret Mission Found
6 It's Great to Be a Ghost! Found
7 Riding the Range Found
8 The Key to the Nile Lost
9 Knights Are Brave and Strong Partially Found
10 Viking Voyage Lost
11 Castaways Found
12 Race to the Tower of Power Found
13 The Quest for the Flying Rock Found
14 Polka Palace Party Found
15 Surf's Up Found
16 Eureka! Found
17 Race Around the World Found
18 Monster Detectives Found
19 Cave Party Found
20 High Tea Lost
21 Mission to Mars Found
22 Samurai Pie Found
23 Scared of You Found
24 Whodunit Found
25 The Legend of the Volcano Sisters Found
26 The Secret of Snow Found
27 The Swamp Creature Partially Lost
28 Horsing Around Found
29 Special Delivery Found
30 International Super Spy: Part 1 Found
31 International Super Spy: Part 2 Found
32 Movers of Arabia Found
33 Cops and Robots Found
34 Sinbad Sails Alone Found
35 Best Clowns in Town Found
36 Save the Day Found
37 Into the Deep Found
38 News Flash Found
39 Catch That Butterfly Found
40 A Giant Problem Found
41 Who Goes There? Found
42 Blazing Paddles Found
43 Rubbish Trek Found
44 Fly Girl Found
45 What's Bugging You? Found
46 Chichen-Itza Pizza Found
47 To the Centre of the Earth Found
48 Front Page News Found
49 Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1 Found
50 Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2 Found
51 Le Master of Disguise Found
52 Match on Mt. Olympus Found
53 The Great Dolphin Race Found
54 Caveman's Best Friend Found
55 Ranch Hands from Outer Space Found
56 Robin Hood the Clean Found
57 Escape from Fairytale Village Found
58 Pirate Camp Found
59 The Two Musketeers Found
60 The Masked Retriever Found
61 Robot Rampage: Part 1 Found
62 Robot Rampage: Part 2 Lost
63 Catch that Train! Lost
64 Attack of the 50 Foot Worman Lost
65 Dragon Express Lost
66 Flower Power Lost
67 The Funnyman Boogeyman Lost
68 Follow the Feather Partially Found
69 Break Out! Lost
70 The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve Lost
71 Los Galacticos Lost
72 For the Love of Socks! Lost
73 The Flipper! Lost
74 Elephant on the Run Lost
75 The Magic Skateboard Lost
76 Pablor and the Acorns Lost
77 Super Team Awesome! Lost
78 The Big Dipper Diner Lost
79 The Amazing Splashinis Lost
80 The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon Lost


The theme song for the dub has been uploaded to YouTube (and can be viewed below) and some full episodes are available to view online of this dub. It has been confirmed that all episodes were officially released with the British dubbing. YouTube user SewerReviewer received a drive link from Twitter User @lonelyfangs containing a good portion of the episodes, all of which were VCR recordings that were moved to DVDs.

According to The Backyardigans Wiki, Paramount and/or Fremantle Media have released several DVD volumes with the British dub. Two anonymous users on LMW have commented and confirmed that Fremantle's releases contain the British dub.


The theme song for Seasons 1 - 3 of the dub.

Lizzie Waterworth confirming she voiced Uniqua in this dub.

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