Bubble and Squeak (partially found Nick Jr. UK live-action puppet series; 2007-2010)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Bubble and Squeak is a British live-action puppet TV series created by Dot to Dot Productions that ran for 25 episodes on Nick Jr. UK from 5th February 2007 to 1st March 2007. It reran on the main Nick Jr. channel until 31st August 2007, then returned from August 2nd 2010 when the channel became 24 hours to 6 January 2014 exclusively on the overnight schedule. The show was created to help teach young viewers how to cook healthy foods and to promote the channels Nicktrition block, that ran daily from 12-3pm.[1]


The series is set in a giant carrot where a human wizard name Bubble lives with his puppet friends a frog name Squeak, a spider name Muffet, and a cookbook name Matilda. In each episode after singing their favorite song "The Magic of Food," Bubble and Squeak prepare a dish using the ingredients that was provided to them where they attempt to cook the dish with the help of magic, when something goes wrong they turn to Matilda to help fix the recipe.[2]

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Premiere Found
2 The Lost Croak Lost
3 What to Choose Lost
4 Celebration Lost
5 Bubbles Lost
6 The Lost Leap Lost
7 Something to Cuddle Lost
8 Forgetful Lost
9 The Secret Admirer Lost
10 Recycling Lost
11 Sleepy Squeak Lost
12 Brrrrr! Lost
13 Winning the Cup Lost
14 Wedding Lost
15 Treasure Lost
16 Dirty Shirt Lost
17 Hiccups Lost
18 Musical Day Lost
19 Shoes Shoes Everywhere Lost
20 Heebie Jeebie Lost
21 Growing Up Lost
22 Art Lost
23 The Grumps Lost
24 Clowns Lost
25 Fear of the Dark Lost


The series ended in 2007 after 25 episodes, with reruns continuing on the channel until 2014, since then very little information of the show was documented online since the show was never released on DVD or streaming. Clips of various episodes have resurfaced online with multiple uploads being taken down for copyright infringement.[3]

In July 2022 YouTuber ChrisVHS89 uploaded a few Nick Jr. UK commercial compilation videos from 2007. Out of all of these, a promo for the series and a next interstitial were included. Also included on the same tape is the premiere episode of Bubble and Squeak, which can be viewed elsewhere.

As of May 2023, no other episodes have resurfaced.




A promo for the series.

Another promo for the series.

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