The Lil' Sam & Cat Show (partially lost web series based on Nickelodeon sitcom; 2013-2014)

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The title card for the series.

Status: Partially Lost

The Lil' Sam & Cat Show is an animated/live-action web series based on the short-lived Nickelodeon sitcom Sam & Cat. The web series was released on both the Sam & Cat website, and the Sam & Cat page on between May 28th, 2013, and December 5th, 2014, for a total of 64 episodes.

Of the 64 episodes made for the show, 46 of them have been found, with 6 of the found episodes being only available in Spanish. Both the English versions of the 6 episodes and the 18 remaining episodes of the show are currently lost.


The Lil' Sam & Cat Show is a variety show that contains animated segments starring "little" versions of the titular duo, skits, clips showing how certain stunts were done on the original Sam & Cat, and challenges featuring the cast of the original show.

The series was released on a nearly weekly basis, with almost every episode coming out on a Saturday. Although the original Sam & Cat ended on July 17th, 2014, The Lil' Sam & Cat show would still have episodes released after the original show ended, with the final episode being released on December 5th of that same year.


The series was available to watch on both the Sam & Cat website, and the Sam & Cat page on However, the Sam & Cat website now redirects to the front page, and none of the videos work if the Wayback Machine is used on the website. Pages for episodes of the show are still up on and I have found and watched #MylilGhost, #LilDiceShow and many more on when you look up "Sam & Cat"

Except for eight episodes that were uploaded onto the Nickelodeon Deutschland YouTube channel, none of the episodes were ever uploaded onto any of Nickelodeon's YouTube channels. The only way to watch the series is via unofficial YouTube reuploads.

Although a majority of the show is available to watch on YouTube and has been preserved on, several episodes have either been taken down due to copyright or have seemingly never been uploaded onto YouTube, rendering them lost.

Because Nickelodeon never uploaded the series onto any of their YouTube channels (except for the aforementioned eight episodes uploaded onto the Nickelodeon Deutschland channel) as well as both the very obscure nature of the web series and the general popular of its parent sitcom, it is highly unlikely that the missing episodes will ever be found, but progress has been made on searching these episodes.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Sam & Cat Videos! May 28th, 2013 Found
2 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show AKA #Pilot Jun 8th, 2013 Found
3 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #2 AKA #FavoriteShow Jun 15th, 2013 Found
4 #TheBritBrats Jun 22nd, 2013 Found
5 #NewGoat Jun 29th, 2013 Found
6 #TextingCompetition Jul 13th, 2013 Found
7 #BabysitterWar Jul 20th, 2013 Found
8 #GoomerSitting Jul 27th, 2013 Found
9 #ToddlerClimbing Aug 3rd, 2013 Found
10 #MommaGoomer Aug 10th, 2013 Found
11 #BabysittingCommercial Sep 14th, 2013 Found
12 #RevengeOfTheBritBrats Sep 21st, 2013 Found
13 #MotorcycleMystery Sep 28th, 2013 Found
14 #SecretSafe Oct 5th, 2013 Found
15 #OscarTheOuch Oct 12th, 2013 Found
16 #DollSitting Oct 18th, 2013 Found
17 #BestOf Oct 26th, 2013 Found
18 #PeezyB Nov 1st, 2013 Found
19 #SalmonCat Nov 8th, 2013 Found
20 #Twinfection Nov 15th, 2013 Found
21 #MyPoober Nov 22nd, 2013 Found
22 #MadAboutShoe Nov 29th, 2013 Found
23 #MiniMagicShow Dec 13th, 2013 Found
24 #ChristmasShindig Dec 20th, 2013 Found
25 #MoreChristmas Dec 27th, 2013 Found
26 #MagicATM Jan 3rd, 2014 Found
27 #Lumpatious Jan 10th, 2014 Found
28 #TheKillerTunaJump Jan 17th, 2014 Found
29 #YayDay Jan 24th, 2014 Found (Spanish)
30 #Lil'SamShow Jan 31st, 2014 Partially Lost (Spanish)
31 #BrainCrush Feb 7th, 2014 Found (Spanish)
32 #BlueDogSoda Feb 14th, 2014 Found (Spanish)
33 #BlooperEpisode Feb 21st, 2014 Found
34 #Lil'Cook-A-Thon Feb 28th, 2014 Found
35 #Lil'GoomerInLove Mar 7th, 2014 Found
36 #FresnoGirl Mar 14th, 2014 Found
37 #StuckInABox Mar 21st, 2014 Found
38 #SuperPsycho Mar 28th, 2014 Found
39 #ToothFight Apr 4th, 2014 Found
40 #DroneBabyDrone Apr 11th, 2014 Found
41 #LilWishes Apr 18th, 2014 Found
42 #FirstClassProblems Apr 25th, 2014 Lost
43 #BiggieNeedsBraces May 2nd, 2014 Found
44 #DateDisaster May 9th, 2014 Found
45 #NightmareNap May 16th, 2014 Found (Spanish)
46 #BagO'Burgers May 23rd, 2014 Found (Spanish)
47 #BearScares May 30th, 2014 Lost
48 #KnockOut Jun 6th, 2014 Lost
49 #DingDing Jun 13th, 2014 Lost
50 #BikesBeGone Jun 20th, 2014 Lost
51 #Sunburnated Jun 27th, 2014 Lost
52 #HungryHypnosis Jul 3rd, 2014 Lost
53 #WeStealARockstar Jul 11th, 2014 Partially Found
54 #GettinWiggy Jul 18th, 2014 Lost
55 #BustedBicycle Aug 1st, 2014 Lost
56 #CurlyKeys Aug 18th, 2014 Found
57 #LilCrush Aug 29th, 2014 Found
58 #LilDiceShow Sep 12th, 2014 Found
59 #SuperPowers Sep 26th, 2014 Found
60 #HollywoodAssistants Oct 10th, 2014 Found
61 #MyLilGhost Oct 24th, 2014 Found
62 #WrongNumber Nov 7th, 2014 Found
63 #StepRightUp Nov 21st, 2014 Found
64 #BangBang Dec 5th, 2014 Found


Quinton Reviews' first video on Sam & Cat, where he briefly talks about The Lil' Sam & Cat Show (Starts at 2:45:10).

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