SuperNick (partially found Nickelodeon Netherlands game show; 2007-2011)

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The show's logo used from 2007 - 2010.

Status: Partially Found

SuperNick A.K.A SNICK (not to be confused with the American programming block of the same name) was a Dutch live game show created & broadcasted on Nickelodeon in the Netherlands from 2007-2011. The show was hosted by Patrick Martens, Terence Schreurs, Martijn Bosman, Viviënne van den Assem, Iris Hesseling, and Loek Beernink.


Two teams (Boys and Girls) are supposed to play a game against each other. The team with the most points will go to the final quiz, which if they win, they will get the prize of being slimed on "De SlimeTroon". Every week a well-known Dutch celebrity was a guest star and various prizes were given away to each of the winners.

List of Games

Dutch English
De Superrace The Superrace
De SlimeTroon The SlimeThrone
Kraak de kluis Crack the safe
Ober mag ik nog wat Bestellen!? Waiter, can I order something!?
Het Spiraal The Spiral
Het Bommetje The Jump
Hou je Koppie erbij Keep your Head
De Daghap The Daybite
Dat Kan Kapot! That Can Be Broken!


It's unknown how many episodes were made. The first episode was broadcasted on March 7th, 2007, and the last episode was broadcasted on June 18th, 2011. Most episodes at one point were available on the Dutch Nickelodeon website until 2012. Several clips, segments & bumpers of the show were uploaded to video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. On July 5, 2023, YouTube user RecodedNL uploaded a completed episode from the June 6th, 2007 broadcast. As of now, a majority of the episodes are lost.


TV recording of the 2010-2011 intro.

A clip of Viviënne van den Assem's last episode. + A variation of the 2007-2010 intro.

A low-quality recording of the family Noorda competing in the Superrace.

Another family competing in the Superrace. (No audio).

A example of the winner getting slimed on De SlimeTroon (No audio).

The bumper for the "Dat Kan Kapot!" segment.

The bumper for the "De Daghap" segment.

A bumper for the show (in Dutch).

A full episode from June 6th, 2007.


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