Blood and Guts (partially found Nickelodeon bumpers; 2000s)

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Status: Partially Found

Blood and Guts is a partially found piece of what is assumed to be a UK animation, supposedly aired on Nickelodeon. Most known about it is speculation.


On August 6th, 2018, a video titled Nickelodeon Blood and Guts was uploaded by YouTube channel Vortex360. On a deeper look into Vortex360's YouTube account, the video MTV Blaze & Lionel (NSFW) can be found. This video features a similar animation style as the clip from Blood and Guts, and the voice actor of the second character to speak sounds very similar to the character Blood from the lost short.

On December 24th, 2018, Reddit user Skootle_Skootle made a post on Reddit's r/Lost_Films, detailing their discovery of this short.[1] The user claims that there was at least one more episode of this series. The only other detail the user could remember was that one of the episodes may have had what looks like a chandelier.


Blood and Guts bumper.

MTV Blaze & Lionel bumper, which contains a similar animation style to Blood and Guts.

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