Beyond Belief!! (partially found Nickelodeon documentary series; 1992-1994)

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Status: Partially Found

Beyond Belief!! (not to be confused with the 1997 sci-fi series) is a documentary-style series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1992-1994. Hosted by Jay Potter, each episode features multiple segments containing out-of-the-ordinary facts on various things, such as why the French catacombs are there and other interesting facts like why some animals like the lion tamarin became an endangered species.


After the show's cancellation in 1994, the series fell into obscurity with the only mentioning of it coming from its IMDb page and a few TV Guide listings from that time. Around 2018 Reddit user u/memccarty posted about the show on the r/Television subreddit where they stated:

"I’m wondering if any of you remember this show. Not to be confused with the Fact Or Fiction iteration that later followed. It was a documentary-style program. I’ve been looking for video for a while now and coming up with nothing. Does anyone remember this? The only thing I can find is an IMDb page with no information."[1]

Another Reddit user u/ArtieKendallsghost replied to the message:

"I've been trying to find this for years. I remember it was on super early on Saturdays (someone said 6 a.m., sounds right). I only remember bits and pieces, like a segment about a saint that was 100+ years dead, but whose body who never decomposed or the skull chapel in the Czech Republic. It was always creepy things like that, tombs and catacombs."

Another user also claims to remember a segment featuring "the real life Snow White" where a woman was stored in an old grandfather clock.


For a while no footage of the show was available until around 2020 when Reddit user u/billmcneal uploaded an old tape recording that happened to contain (almost complete) footage of an episode. As of 2024, no more information on this show has yet to resurface.


The only resurfaced episode from the show.

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