Nickelodeon's Historical Firsts (found animated promos from TV channel; 1997)

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Nickelodeons Historical Firsts Roasted Peanut.jpeg

Opening card for the Roasted Peanuts short.

Status: Found

Date found: 05 Nov 2022

Found by: 90s Commercials (Can Opener)
loveforlogos (Roasted Peanuts)
BlueTheFortune (Potato Chips)
LunarRocks (Roller Skates)

Historical Firsts were a series of promos created by Joe Silver, who also worked on the first and some bits of the second season of Blues Clues, which were aired on Nickelodeon around 1997. The promos showcased the origins of the creation of everyday things in a well-crafted humorous & extraordinary way. There were around 5 promos made and aired around that time:

  • Can Opener
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Potato Chips
  • Skates
  • Ice-Cream (Existence Unconfirmed)


In 1997, a series of 1-minute promos were shown on Nickelodeon that spoke of the origins of various materials known to mankind from the likes of Can Opener and how people used to open up cans before the invention of the can opener. The origins were explained in a very cheeky and humorous way which feels more like a historical parody. Same goes for the Roasted Peanuts promo where it featured how roasted peanuts became people's favorite, the Potato chips promo where how a frustrated chef accidentally makes thin layered chips and eventually becomes a historical creation, and the Roller Skates promo where it featured the inventor crashing his invention the first time he showcased it. The Ice-Cream promo is unconfirmed.

The book where the promos got its contents from

The origins in the promos were based on a book "Extraordinary Origins Of Everyday Things" by Charles Panati, as they were mentioned in the promos as well as their main source.


The 'Can Opener' promo has been found in full quality and is uploaded by YouTube channel 90s Commercials. The 'Roasted Peanut' promo has been uploaded by channel loveforlogos but in bad quality. Both promos are available in the original dub. The 'Roller Skates' promo has been uploaded to by user LunarRocks. The 'Potato Chips' promo's original version was uploaded on YouTube by an unknown user for a while, only to become unavailable after the deletion of the user's account for unknown reasons. The Australian dub of the promo is available online and is uploaded by the channel BlueTheFortune. [1]


The 'Can Opener' promo

The 'Roasted Peanut' promo (Bad quality)

The 'Potato Chips' promo (Australian dub)

The 'Roller Skates' promo

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