Gruff's Groove Box (lost Nickelodeon music series; 2001)

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An image from Nickelodeon's Australian website in 2001 of Gruff.

Status: Lost

Gruff's Groove Box was a music series that aired on Nickelodeon in Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Australia. It premiered in India on Nov. 5th, 2001 [1]. According one fan page he was nominated for an award in the Australian Kids' Choice Awards

The series revolved around a claymation dog named Gruff and his in-house band called Kitty Litter. They took requests on music videos to play, read fan mail, and interviewed celebrities.

The series is perhaps most remembered for being yanked off the air in Malaysia due to the death of the Agong, or ruling king, just one day after its premiere (a law in Malaysia bans all upbeat music from being played for a month after the king's death).


The only media of the show to resurface so far is 2, 12 second clip of an ad for the show in Australia, A Nick Bumper with Gruff, and 7 minutes of the show of an unknown episode that aired in October 2001 [2] [3][4][5] On the 2001 Australian Nickelodeon website he has his own page where you can send him mail and share pet news. The website suggests he appeared on Nickelodeon previous to his show's introduction, and that it was aired monthly. The show is also referred to as Gruff's Show Time on the site. Sometime between February 12th and April 12th, 2002 his page on the site was renamed Gruff's Mail Time instead of Gruff's Show Time.[1]

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