The Hopkins (lost Nickelodeon Australia animated short series; 2005)

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The Hopkins logo.jpeg

Official logo for the series.

Status: Lost

The Hopkins, also referred to as The Nicktoon Family, is a series of five 1-minute-long animated shorts produced by Studio Moshi that aired on Nickelodeon Australia starting late 2005.[1]


A competition was held from March to June of 2005, named Search for The Nicktoon Family, where the grand prize was to be animated into a Nicktoon; According to marketing director David Ray, Nickelodeon were searching for a family that was "representative of modern Australia" and "reflective in a positive sense of what families are all about".[2]

This series was the result, and based on the winners out of the 5000 entries - The Hopkins family from Ferntree Gully, Victoria.[3] The main cast feature characters modeled after Matthew, Jessica, Daniel and Tom, as well as their parents Jacqui and Tommy Hopkins.[4]

It was originally slated for October 2005 but instead premiered on December 16th, 2005 on the Sarvo programming block.


While no images or video from the shorts have been found, a promotional image has been found on Nickelodeon Australia's website which shows a glimpse of the art style. An official logo also exists, which was presumably used in the episodes.

The portfolio of Ean Keat Ong, who provided animation work, states it used both 2D and 3D animation.[5]

Other credits that are currently known include Luke Jurevicius, who was a composer and voice actor for the series.[6] This suggests that the Hopkins family themselves did not do the voice acting for their characters.

Episode List

# Air Date Status
1 Dec 16th, 2005, 4pm[7]


2 Unknown


3 Unknown


4 Unknown


5 Unknown



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