ICarly "How To" (found bonus content DVD from Nickelodeon sitcom "Web Show Set"; 2011)

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The packaging for the Web Show Set, which mentions the "How To" DVD.

Status: Found

Date found: 21 Dec 2021

Found by: GeoFire's TV Recording Bungalow

iCarly is a Nickelodeon TV sitcom that originally aired from 2007-2012. The show is about a teenage girl named Carly Shay, who hosts a web show with her friends Sam Puckett and Freddy Benson.

The Set

One piece of merchandise spawned by the show was a "Web Show Set", including 4 sets replicating those seen on the show, 8 character pieces, 9 prop pieces, and a "How To" DVD according to the box. These pages also state a product release date of 10th December 2016, though considering the original release dates of the television show this seems unlikely. A review on the American Amazon page was written in 2011, so it was likely released somewhere between 2007-2011.


The iCarly Out Of Context Twitter account headed the search. Some content that may be from the DVD is available on YouTube but it's unconfirmed if this is the DVD content.

On December 21st, 2021, Internet Archive user GeoFire's TV Recording Bungalow uploaded the DVD's contents to the site.

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