Figure it Out (partially found pitch pilot of Nickelodeon game show; 1990s)

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The pilot's title card.

Status: Partially Found

Figure it Out is a Nickelodeon game show that originally ran from July 7th, 1997, to December 12th, 1999, and was hosted by Summer Sanders. Many fans of this show don't know that sometime during the 1990s, a pilot was made to pitch the show to the network, and it was entirely different from the end result. Sadly, it has faded into obscurity, and it was never aired.

Pitch Pilot

For the pilot, instead of Summer Sanders, Kevin Seal was chosen to be the host, and instead of the 1990s, Nickelodeon-ish-themed set that was used for the remainder of the series, it was multi-colored and filled with puzzle pieces. The panelists were Darris Love, Irene Ng, Kevin Kopelow, and Danny Tamberelli, the first of which never appeared in the actual show.

The official pilot with Summer was filmed on February 13th, 1997, with a brand new style of the set and started production a month later, as given by an interview with Summer herself [1].

It's currently unknown if there were any differences in gameplay, why Kevin didn't host the rest of the series, and why the set changed drastically.


The only known footage of this pilot that has surfaced is in a 5-minute compilation video created by a former crew member of Nickelodeon Studios for its 10-year anniversary (uploaded by avavideos1), as with many other unreleased Nickelodeon Studios pilots, along with a contestant search promo that was uploaded to YouTube by Josh Lieberman. Despite this, the complete pilot has yet to resurface.

In 2017, YouTuber Adam Fair Land uploaded a video about his experience with Nickelodeon and being a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple. In Part 1, he mentioned that he was part of the crew in the pilot episode and showed a photo of him drawing upside-down cake on a board (similar to the 2012 revival).



Footage appears at 2:00-2:01 and 2:13-2:16.

Contestant call promo that uses the pilot's logo.

Adam Fair Land's video, where he gives insight on the pilot (14:55-17:00).


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