Family Double Dare (partially found spin-off of Australian adaptation of Nickelodeon game show; 1989)

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Logo used for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Family Double Dare was a spin-off of the children's game show Double Dare. Airing on Fox in 1988 and Nickelodeon from 1990 to 1993, the show's format remained the same, with two teams of four family members competing. One year after the Fox version premiered, an Australian version aired on Network 10. Unlike its American counterpart, however, this version was short-lived, with no episodes resurfacing online.


On March 13th, 1989, an Australian version of Double Dare debuted on Network 10.[1] The show was initially hosted by Australian actor Gerry Sont and aired on weekday afternoons. In April 1989, due to the network's declining ratings, 10 hired American television producer Bob Shanks in the position of managing director.[2][3]

The station was relaunched as 10 TV Australia on July 23rd of that year, with Family Double Dare premiering the following day at 7:30 PM.[4] The show was hosted by Australian television personality Larry Emdur and featured a sponsorship from McDonald's.

Unlike the weekday show, Family Double Dare was poorly received by audiences and cancelled after only three episodes, ending on August 7th, 1989.[1]


It is unknown if the series was rerun, but seems unlikely given the negative reception. As of the writing of this article, the only known footages are a promo for the first episode and a fragment used in a game show segment from Ten: Seriously 40, a 2005 special commemorating Network 10's 40th anniversary.

In the comments for the promo, Linda Baker, one of the family members from the first taped episode, stated that she had a videotape of her appearance, but lost it during a house move.




Promo for the series.

Fragment of an episode. (From 7:07-7:28.)

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