The Angry Beavers "Cuffed Together" (non-existent second pilot of Nickelodeon animated series; early-mid 1990s)

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The Angry Beavers.

Status: Non-existent

"Cuffed Together" is a non-existent lost pilot of the Nickelodeon animated series The Angry Beavers, rumored to have aired on rare occasions worldwide and never aired in the United States.


The first official pilot episode of the series, "Snowbound" was uploaded to YouTube in 2013. After that was uploaded, there was a rumor of a possible second pilot episode having been produced known as "Cuffed Together". Since "Snowbound" was only rumored to exist before its discovery, people believe "Cuffed Together" also exists but is just lost.


"Cuffed Together" was rumored to involve Norbert and Daggett being arrested after Daggett destroys an expensive wooden statue. Eventually, the Beavers managed to escape while handcuffed together (in a plot reminiscent of "The Defiant Ones.")


At the most basic level, there is a user-submitted fan fiction from the Toonzone forums back on June 26th, 2001, titled "Cuffed Together."[1] A huge amount of the story's plot matches up with what the rumored pilot is supposed to contain. The author was a huge Angry Beavers fan and even mentions "Snowbound" existing. People had no idea if it was real or not until 2013, yet the writer knew of its existence and claimed to have screenshots from the episode back in 2001.

Based on this knowledge, there is a large chance that they would've been aware of the "Cuffed Together" pilot existing, and the possibility that their fan fiction coincidentally matches up with an unknown pilot is very improbable. Additionally, there is an official episode titled "The Posei-dam Adventure" that features similar elements to "Cuffed Together." It's possible that the rumor was able to live on for so long simply because people remembered the former episode inaccurately.

False Claims

Several people from Latin America have claimed to have seen both episodes of the Latin American equivalent of the American Nicktoons Network. However, these claims were heavily unverified and originated from fan sites which are already inaccurate, to begin with.

There are also claims that "Cuffed Together" was screened before the movie The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in some theaters. However, there is no proof of this claim, and it's likely fabricated.

The show's creator, Mitch Schauer, has never made mention of the pilot existing, and the voice actor for Norbert in "Snowbound," Mitchell Whitfield, has never commented on having supplied the voice for an additional pilot for the series.

There is also a photo that mentions "Cuffed Together" probably exists on a splat game show which could hint that the pilot may have been shown to the public.

Rumor Confirmed

The episode was confirmed to be non-existent when YouTuber LSuperSonicQ announced it in a tweet. It was confirmed by the fanfiction writer Brandon Pierce, with the rumor of the episode coming from the old Voice Chasers site and his fanfiction was only based on that. Additionally, the writers and creators of The Angry Beavers have both never seen it.[2]




LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.

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