Curbside (found Nickelodeon animated pilot; 1999)

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Terrytoons curbside logo.jpeg

The pilot's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 2014

Found by: Anonymous

Curbside is an animated pilot developed by Nickelodeon Animated Studios in 1999 to pitch to the network as an attempt to bring Terrytoon characters to a new generation of kids.[1]


The show features 2 black crows named Heckle and Jeckle along with their friend Dinky Duck hosting a talk show where they feature other Terrytoon characters on there where they show 3 new short one featuring Deputy Dog and Muskie Muskrat attempting to arrest Vincent Van Gopher, the second having Sidney the Elephant protect the jungle from a falling rock and the third having Mighty Mouse protecting his friend Tom Terrific from any dangerous situations.


Nickelodeon ended up not green lighting the pilot for a full series, the reason for that being unclear with some speculating how the pilot poorly portrayed the characters being the most likely reason. The pilot never aired and for awhile there was no information on it until 2014 when a user uploaded the full short onto YouTube.





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