Rugrats: A Live Adventure (partially found footage of musical adaptation of Nickelodeon animated series; 1998-2000)

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Promo image for the musical.

Status: Partially Found

Rugrats: A Live Adventure was a live touring musical based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series of the same name created by the company Klasky-Csupo. It was likely able to be created thanks to the popularity of the show which caused the 1997 revival of the show and the movie released in October. It first premiered in Los Angeles on February 10th, 1998,[1] and ended sometime in 2000.


The Movers, Astoria, Steve, and Larry.

Before the show would start, clips of commercials and promos for Nickelodeon products and shows would be displayed. Angelica would occasionally remind the audience how much time is left before the show starts. When it is about to start, Angelica also reminds the audience not to take photos during the musical, as it could hurt their eyes.

When the show does start, three "movers" named Astoria, Larry, and Steve come in and ask if the place they're in is Tampa and the Ice Palace. The audience yells "YES!" Grandpa Pickles then comes into the scene to give the movers some orders. He then sits down to tell one of his stories but never finishes it as he ends up dozing off and falling asleep. While he sleeps, the movers rap about the Rugrats and their usual antics in a song simply called "The Movers Rap". After the song ends, a live performance of the Rugrats intro would begin, including the flying diaper in the beginning.

Angelica is shown playing with her toys, while Stu and Didi Pickles return home, having gone out in the rain. Chuckie is frightened by the storm's thunder, but Angelica makes his problem worse by telling him the sounds of thunder are the booming footsteps of Reptar coming to kill him. Tommy, Phil, and Lil, however, comfort him in the form of song and tell him there's nothing to be afraid of during a storm.

The scene is transitioned to Stu in his workshop, where he has just finished making a machine called the "Parentalator 9000" created to babysit kids while their parents are out. Tommy also invents a "machine" called the "People-ator" to turn inanimate objects into living things so Chuckie can have people to talk to.

Stu's machine, however, ends up blowing a fuse and killing the power to the entire house, also causing Chuckie to get frightened again. But, with the People-ator, he is able to turn a flashlight into an actual living thing called "Mr. Flashlight". In the form of a song, he tells Chuckie to "shine his light" whenever he's scared of anything. The power to the house is restored. Later, when Chuckie ends up getting scared again, a gospel choir arrives and Chuckie is again told to "shine his light", while Tommy turns many other inanimate objects into living things.

Angelica, however, steals the People-ator from Tommy, while a singer from the 1940s arrives and sings "I've Been a Bad Little Girl". The babies try and get the "machine" back from Angelica, but they fail, and Angelica becomes the "princess of the world", and bosses the babies around even more than she usually does as she forces them to play a game similar to "Simon Says" called "Princess Angelica Says", and brings Reptar to life. The intermission begins.

During the intermission, Angelica's voice reminds the audience to take a bathroom break while waiting, or "go potty".

After the intermission ends, Reptar towers over the Rugrats and the movers, who are both frightened. They then sing a song called "He's Reptar", where Phil and Lil take it as the opportunity to crack a few jokes related to Reptar. The Rugrats flee into the rain, where they spot Susie, who has converted her red wagon into a pirate ship. She invites all of them on the ship and helps them confront Angelica. Susie and Tommy confront Angelica, who has, using the People-ator, turned normal bees into giant walking and talking bees.

Tommy then decides to climb the "Entire State Building", and a hesitant Chuckie joins him. When they reach the top, they feel like they are in space, and Chuckie gets over his fears. However, as Tommy and Chuckie are singing about their friendship, Reptar climbs up the tower and topples it down. The babies go inside where they climb up the stairs to Tommy's room and discover Angelica taking over the "Toy Palace". Tommy tries to intervene but is turned into a talking Tommy doll. Angelica also "railroads" Chuckie and forces him to ride on a toy train. Susie tries to tell Angelica to turn Tommy back into a real person, but Angelica refuses. Mr. Flashlight returns, and, with help from the audience, convinces Chuckie to be brave. He rides Reptar, forces her to give back the People-ator, and turns Tommy back into a real boy. Angelica is also forced to apologize for what she's done. After the musical finishes, a video screen comes down and shows Reptar, who winks and smiles at the audience.[2]


Though the musical seems to have been popular, has had many performances, and the soundtrack itself is available to purchase, little footage of any of the original performances of the musical have surfaced. No professional recordings have survived in English or been released on VHS/DVD. No bootleg recordings of the original performances have surfaced as well, and the chances of any recordings surfacing in full are slim to none. However, a professionally shot version of the musical in Spanish aired in Mexico on the Televisa network in 1999. A low-quality and incomplete recording of this broadcast recently surfaced on YouTube. The only English recordings of the show to have been uploaded are two YouTube videos uploaded by NickRewind, showing brief clips of random parts of the musical.

List of Performances

First Tour (1998)

The first tour had a total of 50 performances in all (not including the cancelled ones) and lasted from February 6th to December 13th, 1998.[3]

Performance Date and Place Status
February 6th to 10th in Wallingford, CT Lost
February 13th to 16th in Dayton, OH Lost
February 17th to 18th in Lexington, KY Lost
February 21st to 22nd in Milwaukee, WN Lost
February 25th to March 1st in Atlanta, GA Lost
March 4th to 8th in Camden, NJ Lost
March 13th to 15th in Albany, NY Lost
March 17th to 18th in Washington, WV Lost
March 20th to 22nd in Memphis, TN Lost
March 24th to 29th in St. Louis, MI Lost
April 3rd to 13th in New York City, NY Lost
April 16th to 19th in Fairfax, VA Lost
April 23rd to 26th in Boston, MA Lost
May 2nd to 3rd in Cincinnati, OH Lost
May 8th to 17th in Detroit, MN Lost
May 19th to 20th in Peoria, IL Lost
May 22nd to 25th in Grand Rapids, MI Lost
May 28th to 31st in Cleveland, OH Lost
June 2nd to 3rd in Moline, OH Lost
June 4th to 14th in Rosemont, IL Lost
June 18th to 23rd in Uniondale, NY Lost
June 27th to 28th in East Rutherford, NJ Lost
June 30th to July 1st in Syracuse, NY Lost
July 3rd to 5th in Atlantic City, NJ Lost
July 7th to 8th in Richmond, VA Lost
July 11th to 14th in Charlotte, NC Lost
July 17th to 19th in Charleston, SC Lost
July 21st to 22nd in Jacksonville, FL Lost
July 24th to 28th in Orlando, FL Lost
July 31st to August 2nd in Tampa, FL Lost
August 6th to 11th in Miami, FL Lost
August 14th to 18th in New Orleans, LA Lost
August 21st to 23rd in Austin, TX Lost
August 25th to September 6th in Houston, TX Lost
September 11th to 15th in Phoenix, AZ Lost
September 18th to 21st in Salt Lake City, UT Lost
September 24th to 27th in San Diego, CA Lost
October 1st to 4th in Oakland, CA Lost
October 7th to 8th in Kennewick, WA Lost
October 15th to 18th in Portland, OR Lost
October 21st to 25th in San Jose, CA Lost
October 28th to November 2nd in Seattle, WN Lost
November 3rd to 5th in Reno, NV Lost
November 6th to 9th in Las Vegas, NV Lost
November 12th to 16th in Sacramento, CA Lost
November 19th to 22nd in Oklahoma City, OH Lost
November 24th to 29th in San Antonio, TX Lost
November 30th to December 1st in Waco, TX Lost
December 3rd to 6th in Fort Worth, TX Lost
December 9th to 13th in Minneapolis, MN Lost

Second Tour (1998)

The second tour had a total of 16 performances (not counting the cancelled ones) and lasted from October 23rd to December 20th, 1998.[4]

Performance Date and Place Status
October 23rd to 25th in West Point, NY Lost
October 27th to 29th in Portland, ME Lost
October 31st to November 1st in Burlington, VT Lost
November 3rd to 5th in Amherst, MA Lost
November 6th to 8th in Providence, RI Lost
November 10th to 12th in Williamsport, PA Lost
November 13th to 15th in Rochester, NY Lost
November 17th to 19th in Buffalo, NY Lost
November 20th to 22nd in Bethlehem, PA Lost
November 24th to 29th in Wilkes-Barre, PA Lost
December 1st to 2nd in Utica, NY Lost
December 4th to 6th in Lansing, MI Lost
December 7th to 9th in State College, PA Lost
December 11th to 13th in Glens Falls, NY Lost
December 14th to 16th in Binghamton, NY Lost
December 17th to 20th in Camden, NJ Lost

Third Tour (1998-1999)

The third tour had a total of 29 performances in all, not including the ones that ended up getting cancelled. This tour ran from December 22nd, 1998 to August 1st, 1999.[5]

Performance Date and Place Status
December 22nd to 27th in St. Louis, MI Lost
December 29th, 1998 to January 3rd, 1999 in Kansas City, MO Lost
January 5th to 10th in Baltimore, MD Lost
January 13th to 18th in New York City, NY Lost
January 21st to 24th in Louisville, KY Lost
January 27th to 28th in Erie, PA Lost
January 29th to 31st in Worcester, MA Lost
February 2nd to 7th in Pittsburgh, PA Lost
March 11th to 21st in Mexico City, Mexico Lost
March 25th to 30th in Los Angeles, CA Lost
April 1st to 3rd in Tuscon, AZ Lost
April 5th to 6th in El Paso, TX Lost
April 8th to 11th in Denver, CO Lost
April 13th to 14th in Little Rock, AR Lost
April 16th to 18th in Indianapolis, IN Lost
April 20th to 22nd in Knoxville, TN Lost
April 23rd to 25th in Columbus, OH Lost
April 27th to 28th in Winston-Salem, NC Lost
April 30th to May 9th in Detroit, MI Lost
May 11th to 12th in Nashville, TN Lost
May 14th to 23rd in Rosemont, IL Lost
May 26th to 30th in Boston, MA Lost
June 1st to 2nd in Syracuse, NY Lost
June 4th to 6th in Wallingford, CT Lost
June 8th to 9th in Norfolk, VA Lost
June 11th to 13th in Uniondale, NY Lost
June 15th to 16th in Huntington, WV Lost
June 18th to 20th in Greensville, SC Lost
July 13th to August 1st in Branson, MO Lost

International Tour (1999-2000)

The international tour was the tour with the smallest amount of performances, with 12 performances, not including the ones that got cancelled. It started on October 28th, 1999 (it was originally supposed to start on September 27th in a whole South American leg of the tour, but the leg ended up getting cancelled) and ended on May 14th, 2000.[6]

Performance Date and Place Status
October 28th to 30th in Wembley, Greater London, England Lost
November 4th to 6th in Glasgow, Scotland Lost
November 11th to 13th in Cardiff, Wales Lost
November 16th to 18th in Manchester, England Lost
November 19th to 20th in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England Lost
November 25th to 28th in Dublin, Ireland Lost
November 30th to December 3rd in Birmingham, West Midlands, England Lost
April 19th to 22nd, 2000 in Melbourne, Victoria Lost
April 24th to 25th in Newcastle, New South Wales Lost
April 27th to 30th in Sydney, New South Wales Lost
May 5th to 7th in Brisbane, Queensland Lost
May 11th to 14th in Adelaide, South Australia Lost




A "Nicksclusive" video on the musical, with staff talking about production.

A second "Nicksclusive" video on the musical.

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