The Ren & Stimpy Show (non-existent unused Kurt Cobain song for Nickelodeon animated series; 1990)

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Kurt Cobain and Ren and Stimpy.

Status: Non-existent

The Ren & Stimpy Show (or just Ren & Stimpy) is an animated series created for Nickelodeon by Bob Camp and John Kricfalusi (aka John K). It was the network's first original program (or "Nicktoon") ever to be broadcast. The show debuted on August 11th, 1991, and was an instant success both with critics and in ratings, lasting for four more years before cancellation.

The show had a massive impact on pop culture (particularly in the world of television), but one lesser-known connection to popular media it had was that Kurt Cobain (who later gained success with his band Nirvana) allegedly recorded a song for the show in 1990.

The Song

The story goes that one day Cobain visited the Spümcø Animation headquarters and stated that he wanted to write a song for the series. The executives didn't like Kurt's song and John K was angered by Kurt's arrogance, and so they threw it out (never specifically mentioning a recording of any kind).[1]


No copies of the alleged song have resurfaced, with the only evidence of its existence being an account from Stimpy's voice actor Billy West on Nerdist Podcast.

Even if copies of the song still exist (assuming it ever did in the first place), it is said that the version Nickelodeon had was trashed, making it unlikely that any of the executives hold a copy. Kurt Cobain himself tragically committed suicide on April 5th, 1994, and his estate has not commented on the matter.

According to a Spanish interview with John Kricfalusi in July 2019, John stated that he has no recollection of Cobain nor was he aware of such a rumor.[2]

On May 10, 2022, Billy West himself denied, saying that Kurt didn't record any song to Ren and Stimpy, that never came to frution[3] on his Twitter account when someone questioned him about it.[4]


LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.

The only proof of the song's alleged existence.

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