Just For Kicks (found Nickelodeon live-action comedy-drama series; 2006)

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A promo poster for the show.

Status: Found

Date found: 02 May 2016

Found by: theCarbonFreeze

Just For Kicks was a comedy-drama series that aired on Nickelodeon's TEENick block from April 9th, 2006, until August 13th, 2006. Produced by Whoopi Goldberg[1] and originally titled Head to Toe and then The Power Strikers, the series centred around a group of girls in a soccer team in New York City who all share the same passion for the sport. Just For Kicks quickly became one of the shortest-lived Nickelodeon TV shows after its cancellation. The series is now available in two parts on YouTube.


Just for Kicks starred Francesca Catalano as Alexa D'Amico (Francesca Catalano), a stereotypical popular high school girl, Mallory Low as Winifred Freddie" Costello, a tough girl who is not good friends with Alexa because she and her friends would snob her at school, Katija Pevec as Lauren Zelmer, a shy, timid, serious good athlete, Jessica Williams as Vida Atwood, a sporty, serious athletic girl like Lauren and Jerad Anderson as Chris D'Amico, Alexa's older brother, and was most notably co-executive produced by Whoopi Goldberg.[2]


Prior to 2016, there were only three publicly available clips of the show online. The first was a trailer of various moments from the show, which was previously available for viewing on Viacom's website until some unknown time. The second clip was an incomplete promo for a new episode which played during the credits of a Fairly OddParents episode. It was uploaded on May 8th, 2014, by CRTN Channel. The third clip was a two-minute excerpt of an episode which was uploaded to Dailymotion by Craig Robert Young (the actor who portrays Coach Leslie Moore in the show) on September 14th, 2011.

Aside from these brief clips, no other footage of the show was available until May 2nd, 2016, when the entire series was uploaded by Youtuber theSuperMetroid02 in two parts.




The full series (part one).

The full series (part two).

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