Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (partially found Nickelodeon educational news series; 1992-2015)

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The logo for the series on iTunes.

Status: Partially Found

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (also known as Nick News W/5 in its earliest years) was an irregularly scheduled half-hour news program on Nickelodeon that began on April 18, 1992 (it is possible some episodes claimed to have aired in 1991 were simply aired as Nickelodeon specials). The show focused on news events and discussions with children about issues in the world. Despite low ratings for Nickelodeon, the show was successful in classroom and educational settings, and aired a total of 178 episodes between 1992 and 2015.

The show received a number of VHS releases, the majority of which are now difficult to find: the episodes "A Conversation with Magic", "Stranger Danger", "Clearing the Air", "When Bad Things Happen", "Kids of Cons", and "There's No Place Like Home" were released on VHS.

Only one DVD release of the show occurred: the episode "Under the Influence: Kids of Alcoholics".

Due to the lack of major home video or digital releases of episodes from 1992 to 2010, a large number of them have been lost/not posted anywhere online. A small portion of episodes that are not present on the IMDb episode guide has appeared on YouTube, making it likely there are even more lost episodes that are not on the episode guide.

Episodes from 2010 to 2014 are available as free podcasts on iTunes, and some late episodes can be found on Nickelodeon's official website for the series.

Known Missing Episodes

Episode Title Status Notes
Kids Talk About the Middle East Lost
The Day The Earth Threw Up Found
It's Only Television Lost
A Conversation With Magic Found Also available on YouTube.
A Dream on Fire Lost
Who Wants to be President? Partially Found 2-minute clip of the show.
Plan It for the Planet Found Show starts at 3:30
Are You What You Watch? Found
Stranger Danger Found Also available on YouTube.
Space Shuttle, Phone Home Lost
The Big Help Lost
Stories from the Dream Partially Found Promo for the show.
When Bad Things Happen... Found Also available on YouTube.
After the Verdict Lost
Clearing the Air Found Also available on YouTube.
Giants Partially Found Promo for the show.
The Body Trap Partially Found Promo for the show.
Kids and Guns (1996 and 1999 versions) Partially Found Seven minute clip
Kids Pick the President 1996 Lost
Peace on Earth Lost
Online and Off the Wall Lost
Are We Alone? Lost
What Are You Staring At? Lost
Divorce: Caught in the Middle Partially Found Promo for the show.
Emergency? Ask a Kid! Lost
The Clinton Crisis Lost
Gone But Not Forgotten: Kids Talk About Loss and Grieving Partially Found Promo for the show.
The Fight to Fit In Lost
Never Forget? The Balkans: Why We're There, Why You Care Lost
Rachel/AIDS (title unconfirmed, but used in news reports) Lost
Nick News Presents LifeStory: Muhammad Ali Lost
Kids Pick the President 2000 Lost
What Was That About? The Weird (But True) Story of Election 2000 Lost
A World of Difference Lost
Nick News Presents LifeStory: Rosie O'Donnell Lost
Kids, Terrorism and the American Spirit Lost
Turning Ten: A Nick News Celebration Lost
Faces of Hope: The Kids of Afghanistan Found
My Family Is Different Lost Los Angeles Times article about the episode.
The Thrill of the Chill: Kids and Stress Lost
The Iraq Question: American Kids Talk About War Lost
Iraq: Facts, Fears and Feelings Lost
Get Up Offa That Thang Lost
There's No Place Like Home: Homeless Kids in America Lost
This Land Was My Land: Kids on Reservations Lost
The Courage to Live: South Africa & AIDS Lost
The Legacy of Slavery Lost
Keeping Faith: Muslim Kids in America Lost
Look Before You Eat Lost
On the Road with Circus Kids Lost
Rollin' Down the River: Kids Explore the Amazon Lost
¡Mi America!: A Celebration of Hispanic Culture Lost
Kids Pick the President 2004 Lost
So You Wanna Be a Star? Lost
Living with AIDS: A Story of Three Kids Lost
What's Wrong with Me? Lost
Safari So Good Partially Found A clip of the show.
Ten Things I Hate About School Lost
Losers/Winners Lost
The Worst Years of My Life: Surviving Middle School Lost
Do Something! Caring for the Kids of Katrina Lost
Harvest of Hope Lost
A Nick News Adventure: The Great Wave Train Lost
The Fight to Be Fit Lost
Ten Things Wrong with TV Lost
God, Science, Politics and Your School Lost
Strangers in a Strange Land Partially Found First 12 minutes of the show.
When I Think About Iraq: Kids Talk About the War Lost
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Celebrating 15 Years of Nick News Lost
Children of the Storm Partially Found Segment on Hurricane Katrina.
Wound Up for the Round Up Lost
Cheap Shots and Low Blows: How Debate Turns to Hate Lost
Online and in Danger? How to Protect Yourself in the Virtual World Lost
Rebels With a Cause! Lost Was at one point available on TurboNick.
Private Worlds: Kids & Autism Found
Kids of Cons Lost
Teachers Talk Back Lost
A Global Warning from the Kids of the World Found
Kids Pick the President 2008 Partially Found[1] Two short clips
America's Forgotten Children: The Rural Poor Partially Found Eight minute clip
Coming Home: When Parents Return from War Lost NY Daily News article about the episode.
Kids in Rehab Lost Teen Vogue article about the episode.
Webstars: The Kids Behind the Hits Partially Found[2][3][4] Multiple short clips

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