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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Webheads was a children's game show hosted by Carlos PenaVega of Big Time Rush. The show aired on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons from 2014 to 2015. While the 2014 episodes are well documented and available to find fairly easily, the 2015 episodes are almost entirely lost.


The show involves four contestants, known as "Webheads", competing in four rounds of challenges relating to viral videos. For every round, the worst-performing player is eliminated. They are sent home with a consolation prize and are given a chance to ride in the "Surf the Web" area, a surfing simulator that sprays the contestant with water from the sides.

The first round, "Buffering", has four videos shown. Each video pauses before the end, and contestants must guess what happens next from the three options given. Each video is worth more points than the last.

For the second round, "Memory Overload", The contestants are put on either a large spinning wheel or a trackpad. While they are on them, three videos are shown. After each video is shown, they will be asked questions about the content of the video. The players must then buzz in their answers to the question. The contestant's scores are reset for this round, and like the last, point values increase with every video.

If in either of these rounds there is a tie for the lowest score, the tied players play "Video Remix". In it, a video is played where a certain action is repeated multiple times. When the video is over, the contestants are asked how many times that action happened. The contestant closest to the correct number moves on to the next round.

In round three, "Moment of Impact", the remaining players will watch a video twice. In the first play, the moment of impact is shown and sounded with a horn. In the second play, both will try to buzz at the moment of impact. The closest to the true moment of impact wins that round. The first player to win twice in this game moves on.

During the final round, "Trending Now", the contestant is shown four videos from that day's show that the audience ranked earlier. The contestant must correctly guess the ranking order by grabbing four tablets, each representing one of the clips, and placing each into the correct slot in the "Spinning Wheel of Doom", an obstacle course consisting of multiple hurdles and a wall. When they finish, they must exit the wheel and press a button, to which PenaVega will tell them how many they correctly placed. If they correctly place all four within 90 seconds, they win the grand prize (usually a trip or some sort of technology) and get to ride the "Slime Wave" (which is "Surf the Web" with slime instead of water). If they don't correctly rank them within the time limit, they win a consolation prize.


The first half aired from June 2 to July 3, 2014, on the main Nickelodeon channel. In the run, 22 episodes were aired, consisting of all of the ones currently available to buy or stream, with online buying options separating them into a "Vol 1" and a "Vol 2". The second half aired from September 14 to October 9, 2015, and 18 episodes were aired.


Of the 18 episodes from 2015, none have officially been released. Nine episodes from 2015 have been uploaded online, including "Nick App Edition No. 1", which was uploaded to YouTube by a former contestant. However, on May 12, 2023, while USANATV2007 was uploading episodes of the 22 episodes he capped from Amazon Prime Video to YouTube and Internet Archive, he got a message from IA user Spongebob107 saying to upload Episode 131 he had a MEGA link with better quality. He made sure it matched the episode done by the contestant and was a match.

Later, on November 29th, 2023, Lost Media Wiki user, fishman2020, shared a MEGA link to Episodes 124, 128, and 130, leaving only six episodes left to be found.

Unfortunately, in March 2024, USANATV2007's second channel on YouTube was terminated, but fortunately, another YouTube channel Joseph Mayotte re-uploaded episodes he did before the channel was terminated, meaning the first 22 episodes are still on YouTube.

Episode List

# Episode Title Airdate Status
101 Basketball Running Out Jun 2nd, 2014 Found
102 Long Jump Over People Jun 3rd, 2014 Found
103 Green Exercise Ball Jump Jun 4th, 2014 Found
104 Flip Jumper Jun 5th, 2014 Found
105 Backyard Basketball Half Court Jun 6th, 2014 Found
106 Beach Model Jun 9th, 2014 Found
107 Elevator Cop Jun 10th, 2014 Found
108 Janky Bird Jun 11th, 2014 Found
109 Trampoline Jump Jun 12th, 2014 Found
110 Backyard Basketball Grass Flip Jun 13th, 2014 Found
111 Hamster Wheel Jun 16th, 2014 Found
112 Swan Dive in Snow Jun 17th, 2014 Found
113 Umbrella Flyboard Jun 18th, 2014 Found
114 Cake Boys Jun 19th, 2014 Found
115 "The Thundermans" Celebrity Edition Jun 23rd, 2014 Found
116 "Boys of Nick" Celebrity Edition Jun 24th, 2014 Found
117 "The Haunted Hathaways" Celebrity Edition Jun 25th, 2014 Found
118 "Girls of Nick" Celebrity Edition Jun 26th, 2014 Found
119 Holding Up Baby Jun 30th, 2014 Found
120 Basketball Driveway Jul 1st, 2014 Found
121 Father Daughter Piñata Jul 2nd, 2014 Found
122 Balancing Gymnastics Jul 3rd, 2014 Found
123 Henry Danger Celebrity Edition Sep 14th, 2015 Found
124 Slippery Slide Sep 15th, 2015 Found
125 Nick App Edition No. 1 Sep 16th, 2015 Found
126 Two Cats Sep 17th, 2015 Found
127 Nick App Edition No. 3 Sep 18th, 2015 Found
128 Pets Edition Sep 21st, 2015 Found
129 Kayaker on the Rocks Sep 22nd, 2015 Found
130 Nick App Edition No. 4 Sep 23rd, 2015 Found
131 Big Guy on Factory Forklift Sep 24th, 2015 Found
132 Nick App Edition No. 2 Sep 25th, 2015 Found
133 All Sports Sep 28th, 2015 Lost
134 Jumping on Big Beach Ball Sep 29th, 2015 Lost
135 Nick App Edition No. 5 Sep 30th, 2015 Lost
136 Bride and Fountain Oct 1st, 2015 Lost
137 Break Dancer Spins Oct 2nd, 2015 Lost
138 The Great Outdoors Edition Oct 5th, 2015 Lost
139 Crazy Human Tricks Edition Oct 7th, 2015 Found
140 Epic Fail Edition Oct 9th, 2015 Found


Nick App Edition No. 1.

An interview with PenaVega about the show.

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