Making Fiends (partially lost promotional shorts for Nickelodeon animated series based on web series; 2008)

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A still of the only incomplete short, The Puppy, sourced from the Making Fiends wiki.

Status: Partially Lost

Making Fiends was an internet-based web cartoon released in 2003, created by Amy Winfrey. The show centers around a blue girl, named Charlotte, as she moves to the fictional town of Clamburg, the town where a green girl, Vendetta, terrorizes the townsfolk by creating monsters, called "fiends." In 2007, following a long series of negotiations, the web cartoon was greenlit by Nickelodeon to become a full TV show, airing on their Nicktoons channel.[1]

To promote the cartoon, six promotional shorts were created for the show, which were hosted on TurboNick. However, all 6 shorts would eventually become lost, with only 5 resurfacing in full.

Production History

The web cartoon was created in 2003 by Amy Winfrey, who shortly before its released, registered the domain, informing visitors of her site that the cartoon would release soon.[2] The web series ran from 2003 all the way to 2005, consisting of two seasons spanning 30 episodes.

In 2004, Nickelodeon began negotiating with Amy Winfrey about airing the cartoon on their television station,[3] and in the same year Nickelodeon began offering episodes of the web series on their video streaming website TurboNick, and later on iTunes. It wasn't until the year 2006 when Amy Winfrey learned that the series would be picked up by the network.

The Shorts

The 6 shorts were all released on TurboNick sometime around December 2007. Each short is known to be less than a minute long, except for The Puppy, which full length is unknown. The reupload of the shorts onto YouTube were ripped from the FLV files hosted on

# Title Runtime Status
1 Teeth 0:40 Found
2 The Kite 0:26 Found
3 Ralph 0:56 Found
4 Monkeys 0:21 Found
5 No. 2 Pencil 0:44 Found
6 The Puppy Unknown Partially Found

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