KaBlam! "An Off-Beats Valentine's" (found spin-off special of Nickelodeon animated series; 1998)

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Thumbnail of the video.

Status: Found

Date found: 28 Feb 2014

Found by: Anonymous

An Off-Beats Valentine's is a 1999 TV special. It is one of many spin-offs of Nickelodeon's KaBlam! and is a notorious short from the show's first (of reportedly multiple) half-hour TV holiday specials for Valentine's Day. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the special depicts many instances of romance. In one instance, Tommy and Beth of the Populars develop a crush on each other. In another, September reminisces about February (a female cat he was once in love with). In a stunning twist of events, Tommy is finally seen without his hat. It initially aired around Valentine's Day, 1999, on Nickelodeon's "Nickel-O-Zone". As one press release noted:

"We've had the same team of independent animators and voiceover kids for the past four years, so everyone really understood their characters and was ready to jam."[1]

Music for the special was uploaded by the show's creator (Mo Willems) on his website.[2] It was originally coming from a mock album that Curious Pictures had made for the crew, titled "The Off-Beats Beats". This included a new version of the show's theme, haunting music about September and February's romance, the war that tore it apart, and an ironically-terrible love song, DJed by September during the Valentine's dance. The song was integrated quietly in the special so, as Willems explains, "no one could hear the terrible lyrics sung off-key." The entire script for the special was also uploaded by Willems on the "Some Scripts" section of his website before it was removed.[3]


The video was originally uploaded on a private website. Thanks to an anonymous contributor who sent Lost Media Wiki's founder and admin Dycaite the original raw file, the special has been available in its entirety for the public to see.


An Off-Beats Valentine's

A commercial break on Nickelodeon featuring a promo for the special (2:38-2:54).

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