GMA Network "Where You Belong" (partially found music video of the Filipino television network; 1998)

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GMA Boy, the lead mascot in the MV

Status: Partially Found

On September 1, 1998, GMA Network simplified its rainbow logo by removing the satellite in its logo, along with briefly modifying the rainbow itself and the GMA word logo.

Along with introducing a now-iconic ident of GMA with a blue sky background, it introduced a music video a few months later with the revamped jingle of its Where You Belong! Campaign.

Music video

The t-shirt included in the MV

The music video features GMA’s mascot Steve from Startalk, also known as GMA Boy. The music video includes GMA Boy rapping and roaming around the streets of Metro Manila, TV sets with the GMA logo scattered and layered around the streets, an eatery, a fishball vendor with a black GMA t-shirt as GMA’s logo sticker falls over the condiments, GMA’s OB van, Bitoy’s World characters in a jeep, a security guard, a scene where a stranger passing by a street full of TV as Michael V. shows up. Other eyewitnesses also recall two people thumbing up and the show Eat Bulaga! featured in the music video, along with a basketball scene. The last part includes the GMA boy descending from a tricycle plastered with the GMA logo.[1][2]

Said to have lasted from 1998 to 2000, it was directed by Raul Ona.[3] The jingle is partially found online.[4]


Mentions of the ad were seen primarily on the now-defunct PinoyExchange forum. Mini search efforts began when JACOBSHLTR found an excerpt of the music video from a Brigada Siete episode on March 24, 2022. JACOBSHLTR then spoke to Raul Ona, who confirmed he doesn’t have the music video along with the other production material he made for GMA, though he said that Filmex or Optima Digital might have it.

On March 24, 2024, Dann Garcia uploaded the 1998 jingle recorded from WLS-FM.


Excerpt of the music video, from a Brigada Siete episode in 2000.

Mini-docu about the music video.

GMA's partial 1998 jingle.