Asura (partially found high-budget Chinese blockbuster based on Buddhist mystic; 2018)

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Asura 2018 film poster.jpg

Film poster for the 2018 release of Asura.

Status: Partially Found

Asura is a Chinese epic fantasy film inspired by Buddhist mysticism. It is produced by Alibaba Pictures, written by Zhenjian Yang and is stunt coordinator Zhang Peng's directorial debut. This film was supposed to be the first in a trilogy[1] and was released in 2018 in Chinese theaters and is considered to be the most expensive Chinese movie ever produced.[2]


The film explores the high realm of Asura, the existential plan made of pure desire according to Buddhist mysticism, and transcendence through the story of the three-headed entity from the scriptures who searches for the "Head of Insight."[3]


Asura was released on July 13th, 2018 in theaters. It grossed only $7.1 million at the box office out of its $113.5 million budget during its opening weekend and was pulled from theaters following a statement on social media that did not explain the reason for the cancellation. Zhenjian Pictures, the main producer, told Chinese news: "This decision was not just due to the low box office. We plan to make some changes to the film and re-release it".[4] However, after this cancellation, there are still no plans for a re-release of the film and it can't be found anywhere to watch.



ASURA Trailer

South China Morning Post detailing the disastrous film's the box office debut.



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