In the Flow with Affion Crockett (partially found cancelled Fox sketch comedy show; 2011)

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Promotional poster for the series.

Status: Partially Found

In the Flow With Affion Crockett was a sketch comedy show that was created by Affion Crockett and Jamie Foxx. It aired from August 14th to September 11th, 2011 on Fox, and was cancelled due to low ratings after airing only 6 episodes[1]. The series was available to view online around the series airing in 2011 but has since vanished a little after the series ended, rendering it mostly lost. The first episode itself has been found, but the rest of the series only has clips found.


The first episode can be viewed on Dailymotion, while YouTube has clips & sketches from episodes 2, 3, & 6, whereas episodes 4 & 5 are completely lost. As mentioned earlier, the series was available to watch on Fox's website around the time the show aired, but have since been removed and full episodes aside from the first seem to have been lost to time.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Pass The Torch Aug 14th, 2011 Found
2 Put the Kids to Bed Aug 14th, 2011 Partially Found
3 Two Kinds of Popi Aug 21st, 2011 Partially Found
4 NBA Crock Out Aug 28th, 2011 Lost
5 Glee Auditions Sep 4th, 2011 Lost
6 No Rush! Sep 11th, 2011 Partially Found

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