LazyTown "The Lazy Dance" (partially found unfinished episode of British-Icelandic children's TV series; 2004)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

LazyTown was a children's animated TV series created and directed by Magnús Scheving. The series was originally based on the stage play and book of the same name. The series revolves around the athletic partaking characters of the fictional LazyTown often getting into the schemes and attempts at evil of the antagonist Robbie Rotten.


Production for the series began around 2004, after a test pilot was commissioned by Nickelodeon and approved. There were several planned early episodes, with most of them either having being scrapped before production began or having been finished; except for one titled "The Lazy Dance."

The episode in question was filmed before and during the production of the premiere episode of the series "Welcome to LazyTown," marking it the first episode produced after the pilot and with actor changes. Not much is known about the production, however it is believed that several flaws and errors were present during filming and production.[1]

Due to these errors, the episode was never finished and was scrapped due to time and budget issues, without any updates or production for the episode since the premiere of the series.

According to former community member Chris Crow (who had stolen a copy from Máni Svavarsson‘s hard drive) and some users, the episode has half of it's CGI not fully rendered or rendered at all, audio editing either out of sync or unedited, some scenes have a lack of color correction, and other flaws that mark it as unfinished.[2]


According to sources from online, the episode is about LazyTown holding a dance party for Stephanie's half birthday, but Sportacus whom is going to the party has not learned how to dance.

This prompts Robbie to impersonate a dance instructor, in which he teaches Sportacus clumsy, or awful dance moves to make a fool out of Sportacus at the party.

Sportacus performs these dances at the party, but Robbie's plan doesn't go according to plan, since the people at the party teach Sportacus how to dance instead of making fun of him, and the episode ends with Robbie's failure.

One song featured in the episode is titled "We're Dancing", which was released on the Nick Jr. website as part of their radio, along with being planned for the bonus tracks of the UK Season 2 CD (but ultimately being cut in the end).[3]


The episode has never been released to the public outside of being given to select users due to it never having been fully finished. There exists some screenshots and clips albeit in GIF format, but the episode itself has not been found. Information has been leaked on some forums as well.

Some of the content found include a distorted 1-second clip from an endorsed and semi-official fanmade music video titled "LazyTown Forever", and several screenshots and clips were leaked by Chris Crow onto LazyTown related forums, Tumblr, and on Discord servers.

Some former crew members have copies, and have shown them to members in LazyTown related communities for several reasons, but these copies have not been released publicly due to copyright restrictions and rights issues.[4][5]

As of November 2023, no new updates have been found or made.




A mirror of the "LazyTown Forever" music video with a distorted clip (3:08).

A clip where unfinished CGI is present in the background.