Calypso Joe (lost Edward Dein film; 1957)

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Film poster.

Status: Lost

Calypso Joe is a 1957 jazz musical film directed by Edward Dein that stars actor Herb Jeffries and actress Angie Dickinson. The film was produced by William F. Broidy Productions and Allied Artists in the USA.[1][2][3]


The plot of the film is described as follows (sourced from Vic's Rare Films):

Juile, an airline hostess, has her mind made up to marry South American millionaire Rico Vargas, despite the efforts made by her former boyfriend, Lee Darling, a television star, to win her back. Rico’s sister, Astra, makes a play for Lee, who only responds to make Julie jealous. As the plane bearing Juile and others (including all the credited musicians and bands) is about to depart, Herb Jefferies smuggles Lee on board so he can have a chance to dissuade Julie.[4]


Links to supporting evidence for the film's existence are found in both the Library of Congress and British Film Institute.[5][6] These listings do not state if there are existing copies within their records, only that the film exists. The only existing sale listing is on Vicpine, with no supporting purchasing ability.

While this film is a musical, several public records have similar names to this film, which are not entirely related or is the film itself. These being:

  • Baltineers, The - Joe's Calypso - 1957
  • Joe Loco - Cha Calypso (1957)
  • Wright Brothers, The - Hey, Joe Calypso - 1957


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