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Not really sure what to say about myself. I enjoy looking into lost media, and contributing from time to time. I mostly digitize VHS tapes. Outside of LMW, I collect and restore vintage calculators. I also collect game consoles, particularly the different models of the Nuon DVD game system, VHS-based game consoles, and more obscure Japanese consoles. I am now on LMW Discord under the username TropesAreDangerous.

Pages I Have Created

Pages I Have Contributed to (Page Edits)

Pages I Have Brought Out of "Needing Work"

Pages I Have Contributed to (Media Found/Partially Found)


  • The Carrot Caper (Video Buddy)
  • What if the Dinosaurs Came Back? (Video Buddy)
  • Can't Wait to Paint (Video Buddy)
  • Teamwork Rules
  • The Secret Club
  • Night Owl
  • Its Amazing
  • Track It Down
  • Count On Me
  • Winning the Race
  • Big Ears
  • Can't Wait to Paint
  • Duck Tales
  • What if the Dinosaurs Came Back?
  • Wave
  • No Place Like Home
  • Lost and Found
  • A Rude Dude
  • Happy Birthday Oakley
  • Night Owl
  • It's Amazing
  • Bionic Beaver
  • Hide and Seek
  • The Big Plunge
  • Sounds of the Forest
  • Carrot Caper
  • Family Tree
  • Track It Down
  • Count On Me

Regular Episode Segments (episodes appear to be build from three segments each):

  • Too Many Cooks
  • Act With Tact
  • Mirror Up To Life

TV Specials:

  • Muddy Gras in Snailsville