HyperScan (lost builds of unreleased Nickelodeon licensed games for Mattel video game console; 2006-2007)

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The HyperScan console.

Status: Lost

The Mattel HyperScan was a video game console released on October 23rd, 2006. The system was met with negative reviews on release for its poor design flaws, lack of games, and its main gimmick which were cards used with games to unlock features or characters.

Because of the failure and flop of the console, it only lasted a year in the market, quickly being discontinued sometime in 2007. Due to this, there were 2 planned Nickelodeon themed games that never got released for the HyperScan due to its failure and discontinuation.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Status: Lost

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a planned game based on the Nickelodeon animated series of the same name. There is currently no known information on the gameplay, but it has been said to have been almost finished and scrapped just around the time the HyperScan was discontinued.[1]

A booster pack containing cards and an "air series" was also planned, but were scrapped along with the game itself. The booster pack would have came with 6 cards, while the game pack came with an unknown amount.

The only existing pieces of media for the game are boxes for the game pack and booster pack. It is rumored that some copies either leaked or were available for a very limited time, but this has not been confirmed.

Nick Extreme Sports

Status: Lost

Nick Extreme Sports was another planned game also based on Nickelodeon franchises and series. It is not known which franchises this game features outside of SpongeBob, who is featured on the cover art for the game. There is also no known information on the gameplay, however, it is presumed that the cards are used as powerups or playable characters.

This game was never finished and was scrapped very early on during development. It was also cancelled around the same timestamp as Avatar for the same reasons. This game was also the last game to have been announced for the HyperScan.

There is currently no other information outside the game's cover art. It was also allegedly called "Nickelodeon Sports" earlier in development, but there are no pictures or pieces of media from when the game was called that.[2]


As mentioned previously, the failure and eventual end of the console led to these games being cancelled and unreleased.

Both games are completely lost and have not had any content or information resurface for years. It is unlikely they will resurface soon due to the unpopularity of the console.


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