Aliens in Our Food (found educational game; 1999)

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Aliensinourfood intro.png

The game's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 07 Oct 2023

Found by: Koop_the_Koopa

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Aliens In Our Food is an educational game developed by Education and Youth Interactive Media made with MacroMedia Director 7 and published by The Health Education Authority and funded by the European Union. It was released on October 26th, 1999 as a CD-ROM and an "interactive teaching pack" for schools to buy.


The game is a point and click adventure (with a few top down movement gameplay) that teaches the importance of food hygiene and how to avoid food poisoning starring with an alien named Doof and a robot named Mic-Robe. Doof has been recently eating food with unsafe hygiene conditions resulting to Doof not feeling well. It is your task to find out the problems that Doof encountered and make a sandwich by following hygiene rules. First you start shopping and collect a list of items for your sandwich, analyse how clean Doof is, and prepare your ingredients and the workspace to then make that sandwich.


The game was available as a CD-ROM and "interactive teaching pack" since October 26th, 1999. The game was only available for several months after the Health Education Authority (the publisher) has closed since March 31st, 2000. There was no information known about this game nor the developers of the game around the internet.


On July 6th 2023, Internet Archive user Koop the Koopa had found the software of the game "hidden" somewhere in a school computer, The game seemed to be installed in September 19th, 2002 to that computer which is a strange occurence considering the game's publisher had been defunct a year before. Nonetheless, the game was dumped and was uploaded in October 7th, 2023 on The Internet Archive.


Video by Aliens In Our Food Archive (ran by Koop the Koopa)

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