DIC Entertainment (partially found pre-Ulysses 31/Inspector Gadget cartoon series of animation studio; 1975-1980)

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The original DiC logo from when the company was originally founded. Lasted up until 1987.

Status: Partially Found

DIC Entertainment was a production company started by Jean Chalopin as the production division of Radio Télévision Luxembourg in 1971. The studio would then go on to produce many nostalgic (and sometimes memetic) kids' cartoons, series and cartoon blocks with the most well-known being Inspector Gadget, who also serves as the life-long mascot and spokesperson for the company. The company was acquired by Disney in 1995 through a limited partnership before returning to being independent in 2000. The company was closed, merged and folded in 2008 as the Cookie Jar Group (currently WildBrain), who currently holds the rights to most of DIC's library, while the Walt Disney company currently holds the rights to their pre-1990 library.

Their First Cartoons

Before Ulysses 31 and Inspector Gadget, the first cartoons by DIC are all short form, either educational or gag-based. There's very little information about these cartoons, and finding information about them proves almost impossible.

Les Aventures de L'Energie (1975)

Status: Partially Found

Narrated by Michel Galabru, Les Aventures de L'Energie (The Adventures of Energy) was an educational series of shorts focusing on energy, each running for 3-4 minutes. 13 shorts were aired, and the series was transmitted in 1977 on TF1, with reruns on La Cinquieme in 1995. This was DiC's first ever cartoon.

List of Shorts

Short No. French Title English Translation Status
01 La Bonne Etolie Lucky Stars Found
02 Hommes de Peine et Betes de Somme The Men of Sorrow and the Beasts of Burden Found
03 Dans le Lit du Vent et au Fil de l'eau In a Wind Bed, Over the Water Found
04 Le Mystere de l'Ambre Jaune The Yellow Amber Mystery Found
05 Piles et Poles Batteries and Poles Found
06 Un Cheval-Vapeur dans le Marmite The Horse Steaming Pot Found
07 L'Energie Universelle Universal Energy Lost
08 L'Appel du Charbon The Call of the Coal Lost
09 Les Metamorphoses de l'or Noir The Black Gold Metamorpohses Lost
10 Le Gaz de des Villes et les Gaz des Champs City and Field Gas Lost
11 Detonnantes Machines Amazing Machines Lost
12 Genant, l'Infiniment Petit The Infinitely Small Giant Lost
13 Un Combustible Incombustible An Incombustible Fuel Lost

Petrus, Petro, Petrole (1976)

Status: Lost

Petrus, Petro, Petrole was DIC's second attempt at a series. It was produced in 1976 and aired on TF1, but there's little to no information about the cartoon online. It's unknown what year it first aired on TF1, it's unknown how many shorts were made, and no footage is available on the Internet.

Cro et Bronto (1978)

Status: Partially Found

Cro et Bronto (Cro and Bronto) was DIC's third series, produced in 1978. It's thought that it aired in 1980 on Antenne 2 as interstitials in-between shows. Heavily inspired by Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, the shorts chronicle the exploits of a caveman named Cro and his failed attempts to make Bronto the brontosaurus his dinner. 45 shorts were produced, and some have resurfaced online.

List of Surfaced Shorts

Short No. Title Status
01 Disguise
02 Checkers
N/A Telephone
N/A Ticklish
N/A Underwater Found (Low quality)
N/A Volcanoes Found (Low quality)
N/A Plunger Found
N/A Root Beer
N/A Sky Surfing Found (Low quality)
N/A Bridge
N/A Juggling
N/A Airplane
N/A Door
N/A Mechanics*
N/A Dynamite Surprise Found (Low quality)
N/A Boulder

*Oddly enough, LPDM released the short in separate parts rather than one full short, like the airplane and door shorts.

Galactiquement vôtre (1978)

Status: Partially Lost

Galactiquement vôtre (Galactic Voyage), also known as Les Iles (The Islands) and Walou-Walou, was an interstitial series involving a spaceman's failed attempts to impress ladies on each space island. Like with Petrus, Petro, Petrole, there's very little information online. What we do know is that there were 230 interstitials produced, and its directors were Bruno Bianchi and Jean Chalopin. The interstitials were aired in RTL and TF1 in 1981. Out of the 230 interstitials, only 2 managed to make their way onto the Internet.

French Title English Title Status
N/A Bridge Found
N/A Cannon Found

Les Aventures de Plume d'Elan (1979)

Status: Partially Lost

A series combining live-action and animation, Les Aventures de Plume d'Elan (The Adventures of Elk Feather) was a series of five minute shorts starring a little Native American boy, aimed at teaching road safety. Notably DIC's only work as an outsource animation studio, and produced by Belokapi and Kid Cartoons. It's unknown how many shorts were produced. They aired on TF1 in 1979, and reran in 1980-1982.

French Title English Translation Status
Signaler un Changment de Direction Signaling a Change of Direction N/A
Traverser aux Passages Pietons Using a Pedestrian Crossing N/A
Etre vu la Nuit 1 Being Seen at Night N/A

In the live-action segment of the third short, a father can be seen watching a stop motion series on the TV. It is unknown what that series is, and remains a complete mystery.

Archibald le Magi-Chien (1980)

Status: Partially Found

Archibald le Magi-Chien (Archibald the Magic Dog) was a series co-produced with the French Committee for Health Education in 1980 and aired in 1981 on TF1. Similar with The Adventures of Elan's Feather, which taught road safety, Archibald focused on good oral hygiene and taking better care of their health.

Archibald is a magician who accidentally turned himself into a dog, and cannot remember how to change back to his true form. Along the way, he befriends a young kid named Pierrot and goes on magical adventures, while also teaching him the secrets on how to maintain good physical health.

A total of 46 shorts were produced, but only 7 have been recovered and uploaded to the Internet. It is unknown if more shorts can be resurfaced.

List of Shorts

Short No. Title Status
01 The Forest of Gracéliande Found
02 The King of the Idlers Lost
03 Smoking Beard Lost
04 Al Sparadra Lost
05 Grandgousier Found
06 The Stranger of Lorient-Express Lost
07 The Tetanic Knights Found
08 Gargoyle Against Dynamic Found
09 Aldo Grain of Gold Lost
10 Hyko Island Wedding Found
11 Commander Chicot Lost
12 Abd El Loukoum Lost
13 Sam, The Pill Lost
14 Thomas, Digestion Attaché Found
15 Ovide Labarrique Lost
16 Let's Beware of the Sun's Rays Lost
17 The Slouches Lost
18 Bynochos Lost
19 Captain Pneumo Lost
20 The winners of the Cup Lost
21 Crassus I Lost
22 Butch Bonneboutanche and Kid Molasson Lost
23 Professor Vaccinus Lost
24 The Great Hunts of Davy Godiche Lost
25 Pipembois I Stops Smoking Lost
26 The Prescriptions of Professor Dosafond Lost
27 Professor Mégalo and The Mégalobile Lost
28 The Bouftomobiles of Professor Calorie Lost
29 Beware of Climbing Found
30 A cigarette for a Mouthful -en-soot Lost
31 In the kingdom of The Three Apples Lost
32 The extraordinary garden Lost
33 The Lapoche Family Lost
34 The King's Archers Lost
35 The Tower of Pisa Lost
36 The war of Energies Lost
37 The Galaxy of Crasmos Lost
38 A Drink Too Much for Humphrey Godet Lost
39 Nightmare Lost
40 The Eaglet Lost
41 The Investigations of Inspector Bananax Lost
42 Mandible City Lost
43 El Capitan, El Castagnette Lost
44 The Demands of Alchigor Lost
45 The Emperor With The Flowery Beard Lost
46 Olaf, The Conqueror Lost

Beulebeul Ermite (1980)

Status: Partially Found

Beulebeul Ermite (Beulebeul Hermit) can be best described as "DIC on Drugs," as the shorts chronicles the very surreal, trippy and wacky exploits of a hermit and a creature. Like with their first production, The Adventures of Energy, 13 shorts were produced, each with a runtime of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Similar to Archibald the Magic Dog, only 7 shorts have resurfaced on the Internet from YTV airings, where it was aired as part of the Why TV anthology block.


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