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Hey, I’m LSuperSonicQ! You might know me from YouTube where I create videos that document my search efforts for various lost cartoon, video game, and plush related media. My LMW alias is Radiant Lloyd Firefly, so if you see that guy around here he’s me too : )

Latest Video

"The Mystery of the Chowder TV Movie (Canceled Cartoon Network Special, 2009)" (08/10/18)
Chowder is one of my favorite cartoons, but there isn't much lost media involving the series....or is there?? Check out this little-known TV special that was canceled early on in its production.

Other Videos

If you're interested in lost media and want to check out what I've been up to throughout my time searching, these videos will give you a great introduction to the genre and detail some of the most classic searches I've conducted. One of my goals with my content is to be as original as possible in presenting my findings, while also being informative and being able to present new information my fellow viewers and searchers!

"The Mystery of Yeah Yeah Beebiss I (Lost 1989 Video Game)"
"The Mystery of JBVO & the Dragon Ball Z Request (Cartoon Network)"
"The Mystery of the Hannah Montana Anime Series (Toei Animation, 2010)"
"The Mystery of the Kappa Mikey MTV Pilot (Lost 2004 Pitch)"