Jerma985's "Egg Stream" (lost livestream; 2012)

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Jerma985 channel icon 2012.jpg

Jerma985's YouTube channel icon in 2012.

Status: Lost

Jerma985, also known as just Jerma, is a popular content creator known for his current day Twitch livestreams and YouTube videos uploaded throughout 2011-2017, predominantly focused on gaming and comedy. On February 25, 2012, Jerma livestreamed himself eating a hard boiled egg every time he died in a match of Team Fortress 2. No content from the livestream has been found.


In the February 15, 2012 video "TF2: Face Cam Fortress: Live Badwater" Jerma claimed that if he failed to complete a task he set for himself in Team Fortress 2, he would crack a whole egg into his mouth and swallow it. Jerma failed to complete the task in question, but didn't have any eggs on hand to use.[1] In the February 22, 2012 video "TF2: Randomizer Insanity: Jerma Vs. The Eggs" Jerma described that during that Saturday's livestream, he would eat a hard boiled egg every time he died in Team Fortress 2, and coined it "the egg stream".[2]


On February 25, 2012, the "egg stream" took place on Jerma's Twitch channel. The livestream began at roughly 6pm EST and lasted approximately one to two hours altogether.[3][4] After it ended, Jerma reported via Twitter that he ate eight and a half eggs in total.[5]

Uploaded to Jerma's Twitch channel at the same time as the livestream were three videos, all titled "Saturday EGG STREAM!!!! TF2 and other random games". These videos can be identified as VODs (livestream replays), which suggests the "egg stream" itself was restarted twice, splitting it into three separate VODs. Given that all three videos share the same title, it can be inferred that the title of the livestream throughout its duration was "Saturday EGG STREAM!!!! TF2 and other random games".[3]

On February 27-28, 2012, Jerma uploaded the video "Vlog: Pax-East Plans: Egg Stream Link" to his YouTube channel.[6] This video is also lost, but its description was archived, and labels said videos as parts 1-3 of the livestream. It reads partially as follows.

I talk about my plans for Pax-East. Huuuge thank you to everyone who came to the Eggstream :D

Egg Stream::: (Part 1 and 2 are a little laggy, it evens out in Part 3)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


These VODs most likely encompassed the entirety of the "egg stream", but were later removed from Jerma's Twitch channel by either intentional deletion or automatic expiry.

Twitch Video Title Date & Time (rough) ID Status
Saturday EGG STREAM!!!! TF2 and other random games February 25, 2012. 10pm UTC. 309762462 Lost
Saturday EGG STREAM!!!! TF2 and other random games February 25, 2012. 11pm UTC. 309763701 Lost
Saturday EGG STREAM!!!! TF2 and other random games February 25, 2012. 11pm UTC. 309767133 Lost



No media (images, video, audio) has surfaced from the livestream since it took place.




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