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Status: I'm gonna lay down now.

Fan of game shows. Most of my pages are centered around game shows although occasionally I will delve into other subject matter that interests me:

Articles Created

# Article Title Notes
1 Jeopardy! (found unaired pilot of NBC game show; 1964) Found on March 30, 2022
2 Drew Carey's Green Screen Show (lost unaired episode of improvised comedy show; mid-2000s)
3 Stone Temple Pilots Shangri-La Dee Da Documentary (partially found unreleased Stone Temple Pilots documentary film; early 2000s)
4 Heaven and Hell (lost Ozzy Osbourne vocal recordings from Black Sabbath album; 1979)
5 Sale Of The Century (partially found Al Howard game show; 1969-1973)
6 Tic Tac Dough (lost pilot of game show; existence unconfirmed; 2000)
7 Let's Make A Deal (found unaired pilot of NBC game show; 1963) Found on March 4, 2003, Article created after it was found
8 Dream House (partially lost NBC game show; 1983-1984)
9 Hollywood Squares (lost game show pilot featuring Sandy Baron; existence unconfirmed; 1966)
10 Equals Three (partially lost Ray William Johnson internet series 2009-2016)
12 Static Age (found unreleased Misfits album; 1978) Found on February 27, 1996, Article created after it was found
13 Red Hot Chili Peppers (partially found unreleased songs from American funk rock band; 1984-2019)
14 Van Halen (lost follow up album for Van Halen III; 1999)
15 Batman Forever (partially lost deleted scenes of DC superhero film sequel; 1995)
16 Hollywood Squares "It Just Ain't Right" (found episodes of game show; 2004) Found on July 17, 2023.
17 Pyramid (partially found unaired pilots of American game show; 1973-2012)
18 Smushed (found unaired pilot of USA game show; 1996) Found on November 30, 2018, Article created after it was found
19 Name That Tune (found unaired pilot for game show; 1990) Found on August 23, 2020
20 Shop 'Til You Drop (lost mobile game based on game show; mid-2000s)
21 Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? "Aud Lang Gone" (unproduced episode of PBS children's game show; 1992)
22 Call My Bluff (partially found NBC game show; 1965)
23 Beat Shazam (found unaired Demi Lovato segment of Fox game show; 2018) Found on September 29, 2020
24 Suicide Squad (partially lost deleted scenes of DCEU superhero film; 2016)
25 Whew! (found soundtrack of CBS game show; late 1970s) Found on September 25, 2021
26 Behind The Music (partially lost VH1 documentary series; 1997-2014)
27 The $1,000,000 Pyramid (lost early build of Wii game based on American game show; 2011)
28 Faux Pause (partially lost Game Show Network show; 1998)
29 The Price Is Right (partially found unaired pilot for syndicated game show; 1993)
30 Starcade (partially found pilots of TBS game show; 1981-1982)
31 High Rollers (lost syndicated game show; 1975-1976)
32 The Price Is Right (partially found Dennis James episodes of game show; 1972-1977)
33 Jeopardy! (found unaired pilots of game show; 1983-1984) Found on March 12, 2010, Article created after it was found
34 The Bugs Bunny Show (partially lost animated TV series; 1960-2000)
35 Great Temptation (lost episode of Ten Network game show; 1970-75)
36 Showoffs (partially lost unaired pilots of ABC game show; 1975)
37 Remote Control (partially lost MTV game show; 1987-1990)
38 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 10th Anniversary Primetime Celebration (found episodes of ABC game show; 2009) Found on February 16, 2022
39 Top Of The Pops (partially lost British music series; 1964-2006)‎
40 Bob the Builder (found original pilot of British children's TV series; 1997) Found on December 22, 2020, Article created after it was found
41 Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (lost unaired pilot of NBC game show; 1983)
42 Pitfall (partially found Canadian game show; 1981-1982)
43 Crosswits (partially found soundtrack for Ralph Edwards game show; 1970s)
44 Tattletales (partially found syndicated version of CBS game show; 1977-1978)‎
45 The Joker's Wild (partially found tryout version of Jack Barry game show; 1971)
46 Jackpot! (partially found NBC game show; 1974-1975)
47 The Wiggles (partially found alternate versions of episodes of children's show; 1998-2011)
48 Wake Up Jeff! (partially found original version of Wiggles video; 1996)
49 Split Second (partially lost ABC game show; 1972-1975)
50 Pyramid (partially found Bob Stewart game show; 1973-1980)
51 To Tell The Truth (partially found first season of syndicated panel show; 1969-1970)
52 Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas (partially found original version of Wiggles video; 1996)
53 Super Password (lost builds of unreleased NES port of word game; 1980s)
54 Wheel Of Fortune (lost unreleased DVD game based on gameshow; 2006-2008)
55 Extreme Gong (partially lost Scott Sternberg version of amateur talent show; 1998-1999)
56 The Wiggles Series One (partially lost deleted scenes of children's live action series; 1997-1998)
57 Blue's Clues (found British adaptation of Nickelodeon TV series; 1998-2003) Found on June 10, 2022
58 Wiggly Party Live in Concert (partially found footage of Vodafone Arena performance; 2001)
59 The $100,000 Pyramid (lost 22-minute versions of ABC revival of Bob Stewart game show; 2020)
60 The Wiggles (lost unaired ABC pilot featuring children's group; 1995)
61 The Wiggles Show (partially found animated songs from children's show; mid 2000s)
62 Getting Strong! (partially found original version of Wiggles video; 2006)
63 The Wiggles (partially lost widescreen versions of children's videos; 2002-2004)
64 The Wiggles Show (found Latin American adaptation of children's series; 2006) Found on July 8, 2022
65 Let's Wiggle (partially found short series for children's band; 1997-1999)
66 As Pistas da Blue (partially lost Portuguese adaptation of Nickelodeon TV series; mid-2000s)
67 The Wiggles (partially found Taiwanese adaptation of children's series; 2003-2007)
68 Yule Be Wiggling Christmas Show (lost footage of "The Wiggles" live performance; existence unconfirmed; 2000)
69 Toot Toot Show! (partially lost footage of The Wiggles performance; 1998)
70 Wiggle and Learn (lost unreleased original version of children's TV series; 2006)
71 The Wiggles - NASA (lost footage of National Aeronautics and Space Administration performance; 2004)
72 Santa's Rockin'! Concert (partially found footage of Sydney Entertainment Centre performance; 2004)
73 Wiggly Safari Show (partially found footage of The Wiggles performances; 2002)
74 Wiggledancing! Live On Stage (partially found pro-shot recordings of concert tour; 2006)
75 Memory Game (partially found Joe Garagiola game show; 1971)
76 Greatest Hits In The Round (partially lost Acer Arena performance of The Wiggles; 2010)
77 Dancing Ride (found The Wiggles music video; 2001) Found on February 17, 2020, Article created after it was found
78 Overture Introductions (lost pre-show videos from The Wiggles tour; 2004)
79 You Can't Do That on Television (found Canadian TV series; 1979-1990) Found on January 26, 2023
80 Christmas Celebration (lost footage of The Wiggles final performance; 2012)
81 The Daily Show (partially found Craig Kilborn episodes; 1996-1998)
82 Black Hole Sun (found early version of Soundgarden music video; 1994) Found on June 26, 2019, Article created after it was found
83 The Wiggles LIVE In Concert Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert (partially found footage of Indian Ocean earthquake fundraiser performance; 2005)
84 My Chemical Romance (partially found unreleased songs from American rock band; 2001-2012)
85 The Wiggles (partially found unreleased music videos of children's group; 2000s-2020s)
86 The Wiggly Big Show Tour (lost footage of "The Wiggles" live performance; 1999) Was unknown to exist prior to April 3, 2022
87 The Price Is Right (partially found Australian adaptation of Mark Goodson game show; 1973-1974)
88 A Wiggly Postcard from Asia (rumored/lost TV special of The Wiggles tour; existence unconfirmed; 2003)
89 Wheel 2000 (partially lost children's game show; 1997-1998)
90 Toot Toot! (found original version of The Wiggles video; 1998) Found in February 2012, Article created after it was found
91 Tapeworm (lost unreleased album from Trent Reznor & Maynard James Keenan band; 1996-2004)
92 GLOW (lost unfinished final season of Netflix comedy-drama series; 2019-2020)
93 Child's Play (lost two-hour cut of horror film; 1988)
94 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman! (found TV film version based on Broadway musical; 1975) Found on September 22, 2013, Article created after it was found
95 Hip Hop Squares (partially found MTV2 spin-off of Heatter-Quigley game show; 2012)
96 Let's Make A Deal (partially lost NBC game show; 2003)
97 Star Wars (partially found David Prowse Darth Vader audio of sci-fi films; 1977-1983)
98 New Kids On The Block (found animated series featuring boy band; 1990) Found from August 10 to November 15, 2020, Article created after it was previously declared to be partially found and later completely found
99 Irish Twins (partially found Strong brothers film; 2008)
100 Shada (found unfinished Doctor Who serial; 1979) Found on November 24, 2017, Article created after it was found
101 Twenty One (partially found Barry-Enright game show; 1956-1958)
102 The Simpsons (partially found deleted scenes of Fox animated sitcom; 1989-present)
103 Prank Patrol (partially lost Canadian children's series; 2005-2010)
104 Chain Reaction (partially found Bob Stewart game show; 1980)
105 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (found John Du Prez score of superhero film; 1990) Found on October 19, 2018, Article created after it was found
106 Match Game (partially lost Mark Goodson Bill Todman game show; 1973-1982)
107 The New Price Is Right (lost unaired pilot of Goodson-Todman game show; 1972)
108 Dorothy The Dinosaur (unreleased fourth season of children's TV series; 2016)
109 The Wiggles Reunion Show (partially lost footage of Melbourne performance; 2016)
110 Sailing Around The World Live! (partially lost recordings of The Wiggles tour; 2005-2006)
111 Pop Go The Wiggles (lost unreleased version of The Wiggles video; existence unconfirmed; 2006)
112 Not A Lot Of People Know That (partially lost Australian public access game show; 2013)
113 Family Fortunes (partially lost British version of Goodson-Todman game show; 1980-2002)
114 (partially found web games from Sony cable website; late 1990s-2000s)
115 Tic Tac Dough (lost SkyZone mobile game based on Barry-Enright game show; 2009)
116 Hit Man (partially found Jay Wolpert game show and other media; 1982-1989)
117 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (lost banned "Leisure World, California" segment; date unknown)
118 Pop Go The Wiggles Show (partially found footage of The Wiggles tour; 2007)
119 The Price Is Right (partially lost Doug Davidson version of Goodson-Todman game show; 1994)
120 The Wiggles Show (partially lost songs from Latin American children's series; 2006)
121 Match Game (found ABC revival of Goodson-Todman game show; 1990-1991) Found on June 17, 2021, Article created after it was found.
122 The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour (partially lost original intro of ABC cartoon; 1976)
123 Big Red Car Tour (partially found footage of The Wiggles concert tour; 1995-1996)
124 Old Habits (found unreleased Smash Mouth album; 2005-2006) Found on April 23, 2020, Article created after it was quietly found.
125 I'm With Stupid (partially found game show pilot featuring Graham Norton; 2003)
126 Password Plus (found unaired George Peppard episode of Goodson-Todman game show; 1979) Found on May 8, 1999, Article created after it was found.
127 The Price Is Right (partially lost episodes of CBS game show; 1972-2007) With help from Racelympics
128 Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (partially lost deleted scenes of British children's TV series; 1984-2021)
129 The $64,000 Question (lost unaired pilot for CBS revival of Steve Carlin game show; 2000)
130 Concentration (lost mobile game based on Barry-Enright game show; 2008)
131 Distraction (partially lost American adaptation of British game show; 2005-2006)
132 I've Got A Secret (partially lost syndicated revival of Goodson-Todman panel show; 1972-1973) Meant to come out days before July 16th, but my tolerance and PC memory had other plans
133 Popeye (found unfinished cancelled animated film based on comic strip; 2010s)‎‎ Found on July 22, 2022
134 Wheel Of Fortune (partially lost test pilots of Merv Griffin game show; 1970s)
135 The Wiggles (partially lost re-recorded instrumentals of Australian children's band; 2000s)
136 Family Feud (partially found unaired pilot of Pearson game show; 1998-1999)
137 To Tell the Truth (lost unreleased DVD game based on panel show; 2005)
138 Rock Feud (lost unaired pilot of cancelled spin-off of Pearson game show; 2001)
139 Oasis Knebworth 1996 (found Knebworth park performance from British rock band; 1996) Found on November 19, 2021, Article created after it was found.
140 Storytime With Thomas (partially found Fox Family series; 1999-2000)
141 To Tell The Truth (partially found unaired pilot of Pearson remake of Goodson-Todman panel show; 1999)
142 Blank Check (partially lost unaired pilots of Jack Barry game show; 1974)
143 Card Sharks (partially lost pilots of syndicated revival of Goodson-Todman game show; 1996-2000)
144 Oasis (partially found unreleased tracks by British rock band; 1991-2009)
145 The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made! (lost production material of cancelled "Muppet" film; 1985-2009)
146 The Wiggles (lost video recordings from Wonderland Sydney concert; 2001)
147 TSOP 2000 (partially lost Dr. Freeze cover of MFSB song; 1999)
148 Oasis: 10 Years of Noise and Confusion (partially lost footage of Barrowlands performance by British rock band; 2001)
149 Oasis (partially found footage of Finsbury Park performances of British rock band; 2002)
150 The Joker's Wild (partially lost unaired pilots of revival of Jack Barry game show; 2006)
151 Combination Lock (found unaired pilots of John Ricci Jr. game show; 2006-2007)
152 Stampede of the Disco Elephants (partially found unused songs of Limp Bizkit Still Sucks nu-metal album; 2012-2021)
153 Beverly Hills Cop (found unaired CBS pilot based on Eddie Murphy action comedy film; 2013) Found on December 21, 2022, Article created an hour after it was found.
154 Later... Presents Oasis (partially lost full performance of British rock band; 2000) First article of 2023.
155 Oasis: Live from Manchester (partially lost footage of British rock band performance; 2005)
156 Oasis: Live in Aberdeen (partially lost audio of Scotland performance of British rock band; 2002)
157 Definitely Maybe (partially lost original sessions of Oasis album; 1993-1994) Been working on this for months.
158 The Betty Boop Movie (partially found production material for cancelled MGM animated film; 1993)
159 Days Like These (partially lost British version of That '70s Show sitcom; 1999)
160 Liam Gallagher: As It Was (lost original cut of British documentary; 2019)
161 Oasis: All Around The World (partially lost recordings of GMEX performances of British rock band; 1997)
162 Sharkslayer (lost early draft of "Shark Tale" animated film; 2002)
163 Match Game (partially found revival of Goodson-Todman game show; 1998-1999)
164 Showoffs (partially found Goodson-Todman game show; 1975)
165 Password (partially found ABC revival of Goodson-Todman game show; 1971-1975)
166 Mindreaders (partially found Goodson-Todman game show; 1979-1980)
167 High Rollers (partially found Alex Trebek game show; 1974-1976; 1978-1980)
168 Gambit (partially found Heatter-Quigley game show; 1972-1976)
169 The Magnificent Marble Machine (partially found Heatter-Quigley game show; 1975-1976)
170 Battlestars (partially found Merrill Heatter game show; 1981-1983)
171 America's Funniest Home Videos (partially found international season of Vin Di Bona clip show; 1999-2000)
172 Sale Of The Century (partially found Reg Grundy revival of Al Howard game show; 1983-1989)

Upcoming Articles

# Article Title Notes
1 Glastonbury Festival (partially lost pro-shot footage of music festival performances; 1994-present)
2 Franklin (partially found British dub of Nelvana animated adaptation of books; 1998-2004)
3 Die Hard 2 (lost "Black & Decker" deleted scene from sequel to action film; 1990)
4 A Clockwork Orange (lost deleted scenes from dystopian-crime film; 1971)
5 Easy Rider (lost deleted scenes of indie-drama film; 1969)
6 South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut (lost/unreleased original cut of animated comedy film; 1999)
7 Ms. Doubtfire (lost R-rated cut of Robin Williams comedy film; 1993)
8 Hollywood Squares (partially found aired pilots of Tom Bergeron game show; 1998)
9 GTK (partially found Australian music television series; 1969-1975)
10 Beat-Club (partially lost German music television series; 1965-1972)
11 Amy Winehouse (lost demos for unfinished third album; date unknown)
12 Double Dare 2000 (partially lost soundtrack to Nickelodeon game show; 2000)
13 Grind (partially found early version of Alice In Chains music video; 1995)
14 Wiggly Waffle (partially lost Sprout morning block; 2009-2011)
15 I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die (lost unreleased footage of George Carlin stand-up set; 2001)
16 Bill Hicks (found unreleased stand-up from David Letterman talk show; 1993)
17 Dawn Of The Dead (lost alternate ending of George A. Romero zombie film; 1978; existence unconfirmed)
18 The Wiggles' Concert for UNICEF (partially found footage of UNICEF charity concert; 2008)
19 Chinese Democracy (partially lost unused songs of Guns N' Roses album; 1994-2007)
20 The Wiggles (lost unused scripts of children's TV series; 1997-1998)
21 Gilligan's Island (found unaired pilot of CBS sitcom; 1963)
22 Drunk History (lost unfinished seventh season of comedy series; 2019-2020)
23 Ministry (lost rehearsal tape; 1985-1986)
24 Ms. Doubtfire (lost R-rated cut of Robin Williams comedy film; 1993)
25 The Price Is Right (partially found unaired pilots of NBC game show; 1956)
26 Bundt Cake (lost unreleased Beastie Boys song; 2009)
27 A Nightmare on Elm Street: Real Nightmares (lost unaired reality competition show based on horror film; 2004)
28 LIVE Hot Potatoes! (lost unreleased footage of The Wiggles tour; 2005) Not related to the 2005 concert video and live album of a December 2003 concert
29 Scream 4 (lost mobile movie tie-in game; 2011)
30 Wiggles Time (partially lost Playhouse Disney segments featuring children's group; 2002-2005) May or may not be an American version of Let's Wiggle
31 Concentration (partially found Barry-Enright game show; 1958-1973)
32 Concentration (partially lost Goodson-Todman revival of Barry-Enright game show; 1973-1978)
33 Dotto (partially found Colgate-Palmolive game show; 1958)
34 Time Machine (partially found Red Grundy game show; 1985)
35 Celebration! (partially lost Dublin Gais Energy Theatre performance of children's group; 2012)
36 Untitled George Michael Album (lost unreleased music from pop singer; mid-2010s)
37 Strike It Rich (lost unaired pilot of Kline & Friends game show; 1985-1986)
38 Go (partially found Bob Stewart game show; 1983-1984)
39 Halloween II (lost unreleased documentary of Rob Zombie horror film; 2009)
40 The Venture Bros. (lost unfinished script for canceled eighth season of Adult Swim series; 2018-2020)
41 I've Got A Secret (partially found GSN version of Goodson-Todman panel show; 2006)
42 Temptation: The New Sale of the Century (lost unreleased DVD game based on remake of Reg Grundy game show; 2008)
43 (lost web games from lottery website; 1996-2006)
44 Love Connection (lost unaired pilot of dating show reboot featuring Loni Love; 2015)
45 Soul Train (partially lost Don Cornelius musical variety show; 1970-2006)
46 The Final (partially found footage of Wham! farewell concert; 1986)
47 TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes (partially found Dick Clark blooper show; 1982-2013)
48 Dick Clark's Live Wednesday (partially found NBC variety series; 1978)
49 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (partially lost episodes of NBC talk show; 1962-1972)
50 Sale Of The Century (partially found British version of Al Howard game show; 1971-1983)
51 Wiggly Songtime! (partially found short series for children's band; 2011-2013)
52 The Price Is Right (lost mobile games based on CBS game show; 2003-2007)
53 Hollywood Squares (lost mobile games based on Heatter-Quigley game show; 2005-2006)
54 Match Game (lost unreleased computer game based on Goodson-Todman game show; 2001)
55 Match Game PM (lost Goldpocket mobile game based on Goodson-Todman game show; mid-2000s)
56 Card Sharks (lost mobile game based on Goodson-Todman game show; 2005)
57 The Dating Game (lost unaired pilot of CBS game show; 2009)
58 The Dating Game (lost online game based on Chuck Barris dating game; 2011)
59 Let's Make A Deal (lost online game based on Wayne Brady game show; 2012)
60 Rodeo Drive (lost unaired pilot of Jay Wolpert game show; 1980)
61 Celebrity Squares (partially found British version of Heatter-Quigley game show; 1975-1979)
62 The Newlywed Game (partially found Chuck Barris game show; 1966-1974)
63 Blockbusters (partially lost revival of Goodson-Todman game show; 1987)
64 3rd Degree! (lost unaired pilot of Kline and Friends game show featuring Peter Marshall; 1988)
65 Extreme Dodgeball (found GSN dodgeball competition series; 2004-2005)
66 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (partially found unaired pilots of British quiz show; 1998)
67 Jeopardy! (lost unaired CBS pilot of Merv Griffin game show; 1977)
68 American Bandstand (partially lost Dick Clark music series; 1952-1989)
69 Scrubs "My Commitment" (partially found unfinished episode of Bill Lawrence medical comedy; 2007)
70 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia "The Gang Gets Successful" (partially lost unaired episode of FX sitcom; 2010)
71 Sale Of The Century (lost unaired pilot of Pearson revival of Reg Grundy game show; 1997)
72 Kung Fu Panda 3 (lost Rebel Wilson audio recordings of DreamWorks animated comedy film; 2016)
73 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (partially found early version of Disney animated film; early 1980s)
74 In God We Trust, Inc. (lost original session footage of Dead Kennedy's EP; 1981)
75 Trivial Pursuit: America Plays (partially found unaired pilot of Hasbro adaptation; 2008)
76 Trivial Pursuit: America Plays (partially found television adaptation of Hasbro board game; 2008-2009)
77 Wheel Of Fortune: Platinum Edition (lost unreleased computer game based on Sony game show; 2010)
78 Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (partially lost alternate ending of horror film; 1984)
79 The Railway Series (partially lost John Gielgud narrations of Rev. Wilbert Awdry book series; early 1980s)
80 Fox Family (partially found bumpers of Fox/Saban network; 1998-2001)
81 The Predator (partially found original cut of Shane Black action film; 2018)
82 The Perks of Being a Wallflower (lost production material of John Hughes adaptation of Stephen Chbosky novel; existence unconfirmed; 2000s)
83 Get Ready To Wiggle (lost unreleased Cockroaches version of The Wiggles song; date unknown)
84 Early Morning Henry (partially found unreleased Billy Bulter song featuring Pink Floyd; 1967-1968)
85 Murray The K in New York (partially lost TV special featuring New York disc jockey; 1967)
86 Lingo (partially found Ralph Andrews game show; 1987-1988)
87 The Gong Show (partially found pilot of amateur talent show; 1975)
88 The New Gong Show (lost unaired pilot of WB version of amateur talent show; 2003) Taped on April 23, 2003
89 Merv Griffin's Crossword (partially found Merv Griffin syndicated game show; 2007-2008)
90 Weakest Link (lost unaired pilots of American version of British game show; 2000)
91 Let's Make A Deal (lost unaired pilot of CBS version of Hatos-Hall game show; 2009)
92 The Price Is Right (partially found British version of Goodson-Todman game show; 1984-1988)
93 Home Improvement (lost unaired pilot of ABC sitcom; 1991)
94 Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story (partially lost original version of documentary; 2017-2018) Trailer looks like it's for a completely different documentary.
95 Standing on the Edge of the Noise (partially lost footage of Oasis concert at Black Island Studios; 2008)
96 The Diamond Head Game (partially found Ed Fishman syndicated game show; 1975)
97 The Price Is Right (partially found pilot of Australian version of Goodson-Todman game show; 2003)
98 The X Files "Flight 180" (found unused script for FOX science fiction series; 1994)
99 She Is Love (found unreleased music video for Oasis single; 2002)
100 U2 (partially found unreleased songs from Irish rock band; 1976-2022)
101 Jeopardy! (lost unaired pilot of British version of American game show; 2022) Pilot was recorded with Richard Madeley before Stephen Fry was brought in.
102 The Price Is Right (partially found footage of host auditions; 2007)
103 Oasis: Live In Bangkok (partially found footage of IMPACT Arena performance of British rock band; 2001) This maybe the most mysterious gig from the band's later years.
104 Jeopardy! (lost British version of American game show; 1983-1984)
105 The Stone Roses (partially found unreleased songs by Madchester rock band; 1984-2017)
106 Use Your Illusion (partially found pro-shot footage of Guns N' Roses tour; 1991-1993)
107 Oasis: Live at Slane Castle (lost pro-shot footage of British rock band performance; 2009)
108 Oasis: Live at Newcastle (partially found audio recording of Riverside performance; 1994)
109 Show Me The Money (partially lost William Shatner game show; 2006)
110 America Says (partially lost pilot of GSN game show; 2017)
111 The Cross-Wits (partially found Ralph Edwards game show; 1975-1980) It was revealed in 2021 that Fox erased the masters of the show when they bought the show's distributor Metromedia.
112 The Sunday Show (lost KNBC talk show featuring Pat Sajak; 1977)
113 100% (partially found American adaptation of Tom Atkinson game show; 1999)
114 What's My Line? (lost pilot of unsold revival of Goodson-Todman panel show; 2014)
115 Celebrity Match Mates (lost unaired pilot of "Tattletales" game show; 1972)
116 Make Your Move (lost pilot of cancelled NBC game show; 1964-1965)
117 Scary Movie 2 (lost deleted Marlon Brando scene of comedy film; 2001)
118 All About The Opposite Sex (partially found Barry & Enright game show; 1990)
119 Hold Everything! (partially found Barry & Enright game show; 1990)
120 Yahtzee (partially found game show adaptation of Milton Bradley board game; 1988)
121 Pyramid (partially lost Donny Osmond revival of Bob Stewart game show; 2002-2004)
122 Concentration (partially found unaired pilots of "Classic Concentration" precursor; 1985)
123 Tic Tac Dough (lost unaired pilot of Barry-Enright game show; 1978)
124 Big Deal (partially found Stone-Stanley reboot of "Let's Make A Deal" game show; 1996)
125 Beat The Clock (partially found syndicated revival of Goodson-Todman game show; 1969-1974)
126 The Match Game (partially found NBC game show; 1962-1969)
127 Pitfall (lost unaired pilot of Canadian game show; 1978)
128 What's My Line? (partially lost episodes of Goodson-Todman panel show; 1950-1967)
129 Tonight Starring Steve Allen (partially found NBC talk show; 1954-1957)
130 What's My Line? (partially found unaired pilot of cancelled panel show revival; 2000)
131 I've Got A Secret (partially found Oxygen revival of Goodson-Todman panel show; 2000-2001)
132 Password Plus (lost unaired pilot of Goodson-Todman game show; 1979)
133 Don Adams' Screen Test (partially found syndicated game show; 1975)
134 The Big Showdown (partially found Don Lipp-Ron Greenberg game show; 1974-1975)
135 The Money Maze (partially found Nick Clooney game show; 1974-1975)
136 Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell (partially found ABC variety show; 1975-1976)
137 Spin-Off (partially found Nicholson-Muir game show; 1975)
138 Family Secrets (partially found Dave Bell game show; 1993)
139 Let's Make A Deal (lost unaired pilot of Australian adaptation of Hatos-Hall game show; 2009) This one pre-dates the US pilot by 4 months.
140 Let's Make A Deal (partially found Hatos-Hall game show; 1963-1977)
141 The Gong Show (partially found unaired John Barbour episodes of amateur talent show; 1976)
142 The Gong Show (partially found first season of syndicated amateur talent show; 1976-1977) Season was hosted by Gary Owens, who also did the pilot.

What I Found

Title Of Media What I Found or Discovered
Beat Shazam (unaired Demi Lovato appearance) Found the full 4 minute footage of their appearance from a Canadian airing of the original episode
Name That Tune (Peter Allen pilot) Discovered a Facebook user with the footage and was posted to Facebook
Deal Or No Deal (ABC pilots) Found 59 seconds of one of the pilots
Greed (Fox game show) Found 2 minutes and 28 seconds of the February 18th 2000 episode
Fant4stic (Josh Trank cut) Discovered photos and snippets from trailers of the cut content
Jeopardy! (1964 pilot) Found clips of the pilot from a 2002 episode and a 2005 documentary
VH1 Storytellers: Stone Temple Pilots Discovered a STP fan user on YouTube with the full performance
The $1,000,000 Pyramid (Wii game) Discovered screenshots from an early version of the game
Whew (game show soundtrack) Discovered a remix on SoundCloud with the theme from the soundtrack used and I used a website to remove the vocals so that it is a somewhat complete version of the theme
Fear Factor (MTV Spring Break) Found a fan review that confirms the episode is real and also I found a person who has a DVD copy of the episode; Racelympics eventually got hold of the episode in a trade and is now available for the masses.
Ace Ventura Pet Detective (Deleted Scenes) Found the script for the movie with the deleted scenes listed
Rob Ford's Crack Smoking Videos Found never before seen screenshots from the third unreleased video
Sale Of The Century (1969-73) Found two episodes in audio form.
Noel Gallagher's Amorphous Androgynous sessions Found concrete proof that Noel found a copy of the album.

Media I'm Looking For

Piece Of Media Why I want to find it What I've found
Deal Or No Deal (ABC pilots) I want these found because I wanna see how bad they are before the show that we all know and love aired on NBC the next year. I found 59 seconds of one of the pilots from a production company website (which i forgot the name of) on the wayback machine.
Sale Of The Century (original version that aired on NBC from 1969 to 1973) I'm a fan of game shows and Sale of the Century is of my all time favorites and this looks like a version from a alternate timeline. I'm so interested in finding this because it's the first game show I know of that combines a standard quiz show with shopping for your prizes. I found several press photos from the show and a few ads for the show and i'm looking for any footage from the show whether it's promos or clips. I also found a website that has 2 audio recordings of 2 episodes. I purchased one and in possession of one and just purchased the other one. Once I get the other one, I will make them available to the public because there is no way i'm buying them just to keep to myself. Since the second episode is taking a long time to arrive, i'm releasing the audio for the October 21 episode today (November 14, 2020).
Stone Temple Pilots: Live at Rolling Rock 2001 I am a fan of the band and when I looked online for any other information on the set and the festival in general and i was surprised when i found a page on the Lost Media Wiki on this and that there were any missing songs at all. Since I found out about the missing songs from the set, I want the entire set found because of not only being a fan of Stone Temple Pilots, but because in the set that is online, Scott only has the megaphone out for one song (Dead and Bloated is the other song he uses a megaphone for) and the cut songs are some of my favorite STP songs. I found f**k all, but I do visit a website called which has photos taken by audience members at the show and some photos could be from the missing songs but i can't tell because the photos look like to be from the songs that are from the set that made it online. I discovered a YouTube channel with fan recordings of two of the three missing songs and found a website that may have the entire performance.
Shop 'Til You Drop (mobile game) This show is another one of my favorite game shows and is a rare occasion where very little merchandise is made and the mobile game is the only merchandise based on the show that was released and I want it found just for the fun of the game. I found f**k all from the games files but I did find screenshots of the game in action in the wayback machine.