Wake Up Jeff! (partially found original version of Wiggles video; 1996)

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VHS Cover of the released version.

Status: Partially Found

Wake Up Jeff! was the fourth video released by the Australian children's group The Wiggles first released in Australia on August 12, 1996[1] and would see international releases in United States, Canada and South Africa for the next five years. The video named after the album of the same name and several songs from the album did appear on the video (except Everybody Is Clever in the United States). Before the release of the video in August 1996, the video had a very different look.

Original Version

In a promo for the video on 1996 reprints of their previous videos Wiggle Time, Yummy Yummy and Big Red Car. The Wiggles' outfits, other character's designs and sets looked very different that what was seen in the released video. The Wiggles were wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts (similar to what they wore in a television pilot they taped a year earlier) and the other character's designs were drastically different outside of Henry The Octopus who looks the same from the previous videos hence why he looks different from the album cover and the released video. The sets seen in the original version had a dark blue background with various shapes with The Wiggles colors and another set had a slightly different sky design than seen in the released video. While no official reason was given for the reshoots, but it's given that the band hated the new look and went back to the look they donned in the previous release Big Red Car and Henry's costume ended up getting an update.


The songs from the original version shown off in the promos were Wake Up Jeff!, Everybody Is Clever, Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song) and Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?). Wake Up Jeff! and Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?) are so far the only songs from the original version to surface thanks to the airing of those songs on ABC TV shortly before the release of the video. One song rumored to have been filmed for the original version is Five Little Ducks, however that is unconfirmed. It's unknown if any of the songs from the released video were shot for the original version.

In November 2020, as part of The Wiggles ongoing Unreleased NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Specials series on YouTube, Anthony Field revealed on Twitter that they are looking for the tapes of the original version.[2]




Promo for the released video with clips from the original version.


Wake Up Jeff! from the original version.

Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance With Me?) from the original version.

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