The Wiggles Show (partially lost songs from Latin American children's series; 2006)

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A promo photo of The Latin American Wiggles

Status: Partially Lost

The Wiggles Show is a Latin American adaptation of the fourth and fifth television series by Australian children's group The Wiggles. It aired on on Disney Channel preschool block Playhouse Disney in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay and various South American territories for 26 episodes throughout 2006. The lineup in the Latin American version was Zoe Velez in the blue skivvy, Fernando Moguel Jr. in the yellow skivvy, Katty Villafuerte in the purple skivvy and Francisco Madrid in the red skivvy red Wiggle. Many songs were recorded in Spanish for the series (some inspired by the ones that appeared in the Australian series and ones that were not used but released on the group's discography in the past). However most of the songs have never been heard outside of South America or were never used for the series and most of them are lost.

Starting on June 11, 2021, the series began to surface on The Wiggles' official YouTube channel[1][2] (unearthing various songs in the process). Since information on the series is scarce, the songs that were recorded and used or left out of the series are unknown. On September 17, 2021, Anthony Field revealed on Instagram that the songs from the series would be coming to Spotify[3] (possibly including the unused ones), when exactly the songs are gonna be uploaded to service is unknown.


Confirmed Songs

# Song Title Original Title Status
1 Listos Para Hacer El Wiggle Get Ready To Wiggle Found
2 Mece A Tu Osito Rock-a-Bye Your Bear Found
3 Dorothy the Dinosaur Dorothy the Dinosaur Found
4 Hormiguita Cafe Little Brown Ant Found
5 Arca Del Tío Noah Uncle Noah's Ark Found
6 La Fiesta de Cumpleaños de Dorothy Dorothy's Birthday Party Found
7 Aquí Viene Un Oso Here Comes a Bear Found
8 Henry the Octopus Henry the Octopus Found
9 Me Encanta Que Llueva I Love It When It Rains Found
10 El Gitano Andante The Gypsy Rover Found
11 Me Veo En El Espejo I Look In The Mirror Found
12 Siempre Que Oigo Esta Musica Whenever I Hear This Music Found
13 Fito El Gatito Mitten The Kitten Found
14 Captain Feathersword Captain Feathersword Found
15 Aire, Lluvia y Mar Wind, Rain and the Sea Found
16 Nuestro Barco Se Sacude Por El Mar Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea Found
17 Papa Caliente Hot Potato Found
18 Shaky Shaky Shaky Shaky Found
19 Ensalada de Fruta Fruit Salad Found
20 Ven a Brincar Come On Let's Jump Lost[4]
21 Camina Walk Found
22 Ponis Ponies Found
23 El Baile Del Chango The Monkey Dance Found
24 D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (Mi Dinosaurio Favorito) D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur) Found
25 Numeros Numbers Rhumba Lost[5]
26 Pan Crujiente Hecho Con Miel Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes Found
27 El Vuelo De Las Mariposas Butterflies Flit Found
28 En Donde Esta el Pulgar? Where Is Thumbkin Lost[6]
29 Bostezar Bostezar Bostezar Yawn Yawn Yawn Found
30 Wags the Dog Wags the Dog Found
31 El Baile De Henry Henry's Dance Found
32 Cinco Canguritos Five Little Joeys Found
33 ¿Podrás (Apuntar Tus Dedos Y Hacer El Twist?) Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) Found
34 Di Dicki Do Dum Di Dicki Do Dum Found
35 Soy Una Vaca I'm a Cow Found
36 Morenita En El Aro Brown Girl In The Ring Found
37 La Fiesta Para Bailar de Dorothy Dorothy's Dance Party Lost[7]
38 Los Cuatro Regalos The Four Presents Found
39 Cochesote Rojo Big Red Car Found
40 Gorra En Mi Cabeza Hat On My Head Found
41 Has el Flap Do the Flap Found
42 Trenecitos Pufferbillies Found
43 Lucía Usa Un Martillo Joannie Works With One Hammer Found
44 Nicky Nacky Nocky Nar Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Found
45 Soy Bailarín I Am A Dancer Found
46 Cancion de Georgia Georgia's Song Found
47 Sanctissima Sanctissima Found
48 Nos Gusta Saludar We Like To Say Hello Found
49 La Banda Submarina de Henry Henry's Underwater Big Band Found
50 Diversión En La Playa Having Fun At The Beach Found
51 Bing Bang Bong (Es La Cancion De Un Pirata) Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song) Partially Found
52 La Cubeta De Gotitas Bucket Of Dew/Paddy Condon From Cobar Found
53 ¿Adivina Qué Es? Guess What? Found
54 ¡Despierta Katty! Wake Up Jeff! Found
55 Una Rana Fue A Caminar A Frog Went A Walking Found
56 Dorothy (¿Te Invito A Bailar?) Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?) Found
57 Vamos a Pasear al Mar Take a Trip Out on the Sea Found
58 Romp Bomp A Stomp Romp Bomp A Stomp Found
59 El Juego Del Nombre Name Game Found
60 Yo Puedo Hacer Tantas Cosas I Can Do So Many Things Found
61 Saluda a Wags Wave To Wags Found
62 Cinco Patitos Five Little Ducks Found
63 Ve Santa Ve Go Santa Go Lost[8]
64 Oh Es El Capitán Feathersword Ooh It's Captain Feathersword Lost[9]
65 ¡Bip, Bip, El Cochesote Rojo! Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car Found
66 Vamos Captain Feathersword Vamos Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! Found
67 Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas y Pies Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes Found
68 Mueve Los Brazos Como Henry Move Your Arms Like Henry Found
69 Sudo Diez Escalones I Climb Ten Stairs Found
70 Estamos Bailando Con el Perro Wags We're Dancing With Wags The Dog Lost[10]
71 El Captain Feathersword Se Durmio En El Barco Pirata Quack Quack Found
72 Mio Caro Canguro Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport Lost[11]
73 Je Je Je El Baile Del Pirata Hey, Hey, Hey We're All Pirate Dancing Found
74 Soplame Blow Me Down Lost[12]
75 Vamonos (Estamos Paseando En El Coche Rojo) Let's Go (We're Riding In The Big Red Car) Found
76 Hara Ga Kita Hara Ga Kita Found
77 Wiggly Fiesta Wiggly Party Found
78 Hoop Dee Doo Hoop Dee Doo Found
79 Muevete Como Un Emu Move Like an Emu Found
80 Los Botones Mágicos Del Capitán Captain's Magic Buttons Found
81 Toca Tu Guitarra Con Francisco Play Your Guitar With Murray Found
82 Copia Al Buho Do The Owl Found
83 Rodando Hacia Abajo En La Loma Arena Rolling Down the Sandhills Lost[13]
84 Corriendo Hacia Arriba De La Loma De Arena Running Up the Sandhills Lost[14]
85 ¡Luces, Cámara, Acción, Wiggles! Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Found
86 Gulp Gulp Gulp Gulp Found
87 Sopa de Verduras Vegetable Soup Found
88 Sombreros Hats Lost[15]
89 Disfrazandome Dressing Up Lost[16]
90 Donde Esta Katty? Where's Jeff? Lost[17]
91 Un Gran Hombre Vestido De Rojo Great Big Man In Red Lost[18]
92 Navegando Alrededor Del Mundo Sailing Around the World Partially Found
93 Codo Con Codo Elbow To Elbow Found
94 Trapeando Mop Mop Found
95 Barcarola de Sydney Sydney Barcarolle Found
96 Perdóname Sorry Again Found
97 Me Pongo La Chaqueta I Want To Wear The Jacket Found
98 Estamos Jugando Una Broma Al Capitán We're Playing A Trick On The Captain Found
99 Que Tenga Un Feliz Cumpleaños Capitán Have A Happy Birthday Captain Found

Unconfirmed Songs

# Song Title Status
1 Here Come The Wiggles Existence Unconfirmed
2 Teddy Bear Hug Existence Unconfirmed
3 Shake Your Sillies Out Existence Unconfirmed
4 Baby Baluga Existence Unconfirmed
5 Pipers Waltz Existence Unconfirmed
6 Havenu Shalom Alechem Existence Unconfirmed
7 Another Cuppa Existence Unconfirmed
8 Here Come The Reindeer Existence Unconfirmed
9 Caveland Existence Unconfirmed
10 Wobbly Camel Existence Unconfirmed
11 Here Come The Chicken Existence Unconfirmed
12 Let's Make Some Rosy Tea Existence Unconfirmed
13 Lechoo Yeladim Existence Unconfirmed
14 C'est Wags, C'est Bon Existence Unconfirmed
15 Fly Through The Sky Existence Unconfirmed
16 Say Aah at the Doctors Existence Unconfirmed
17 Walking On The Moon Existence Unconfirmed
18 Big Red Boat Existence Unconfirmed
19 I Wave My Arms And Swing My Baton Existence Unconfirmed

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