Overture Introductions (lost pre-show videos from The Wiggles tour; 2004)

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Poster from the North American Tour

Status: Lost

On April 24, 2004, the Australian children's group The Wiggles embarked on their tour of North America[1][2]. The tour was one of three tours the group would embark on in 2004 with a short 4 date UK tour occurring in September 2004 and a Christmas themed tour titled "Santa's Rockin'! Concert" in Australia in December 2004. From the Wiggly Party Live In Concert tour in 2001 to the Racing To The Rainbow Live! tour in 2007 a mashup of songs would play before a concert that would be dubbed the "Overture". It mostly contained instrumentals of some of the group's most famous songs to hype up the concert and the group's appearance on stage.


During the first three tours the overture would be played at, nothing special would occur outside of some spotlights on the stage or curtain before the group appeared. During the Lights, Camera, Action Tour in December 2003, a new Overture was performed by an Orchestra and just before the Overture ends, the stage would be revealed and the concert would begin. For their North American tour in 2004, the group brought back the original Overture and instead of letting it play over the curtain or a deserted stage, the group came up with something different for the Overture. A video would play on the venue's video screens off to the side of the stage depicting The Wiggles driving in the Big Red Car to the venue the video would be playing in. The video would also include landmarks and street signs from the venue's hometown. The video would play throughout the entire Overture and when the video ended the group appeared on stage in the Big Red Car with the backup dancers holding flags depicting the group's colors (red, purple, blue and yellow) and Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car would start playing and the concert would begin. The video debuted at the beginning of the second leg of the tour and would receive overwhelming positive reviews from the crowd with one reviewer stating "The kids who were old enough to know what was happening were screaming in anticipation, and many of the parents were getting excited too." before concluding with "Jaden's jaw hit the floor. He just stared in amazement. Greg drove the car to all corners of the stage and right in the middle, so everyone got to see it. They did the whole song before driving off the other side of the stage."[3]


The videos would be discontinued at the end of the tour and would be replaced with the backup dancers dancing to the Overture[4]. The Overture would be discontinued entirely in 2007. Many audience recordings from the tour have surfaced online but no audience recordings of any of the 23 Overture Introduction videos exist. Only four photos of one of the Introductions taken from some audience members at one of the Pennsylvania shows can be found online. It's unknown if the group still have the Overture Introductions in their archives.


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