The Wiggles Live at Disneyland (found Australian TV special; 1998)

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The Wiggles Live At Disneyland Title Card.png

The special's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: Mar 2014

Found by: Unknown

The Wiggles is a popular children's group that formed in 1991 in Sydney, Australia. They are known for their hits Hot Potato, Get Ready to Wiggle, Fruit Salad and many others. Between 1991 and 1998, they mostly released albums and videos and toured heavily and would gain popularity in Australia. Their popularity in Australia grew after they eponymous television series debuted on the Seven Network. They had little exposure in the United States aside from appearing in the Captain Kangaroo spin-off Mister Moose's Fun Time and any concerts in the United States before 1998 would result in small crowds and little success. In September 1998, they performed three concerts at Disneyland on the 29th, 30th and October 1st. The footage of the concerts was used for a TV special for Disney Channel Australia called The Wiggles Live at Disneyland. In between songs, were segments where the Wiggles explored Disneyland while on the hunt for Mickey Mouse.

The special premiered on December 20th, 1998, as its broadcast date was mentioned on an archived version of the Wiggles' news article.[1]. The special was reaired on September 16th, 2000, which was a day before they aired another television special called The Wiggles Big Show.[2][3] The special vanished after its premiere and for years, very little information about the special was known.


In March 2014, the special was found on Facebook by Edward Bassanelli. The recording was uploaded in parts by recording off a TV Screen and was from an airing on the Disney Channel that wasn't previously known. A little later, a high-quality copy of the special from Channel 7 Australia was first uploaded on YouTube, thanks to an unknown user. Although a small section and a Concert Song were cut out on the Channel 7 airing.


The special from a 7 Network airing (re-edited)

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