Christmas Celebration (lost footage of The Wiggles final performance; 2012)

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The Wiggles during Wiggling All Over The World during the final concert.

Status: Lost

Celebration! was a concert tour performed by famed Australian children's group The Wiggles. The tour was first commenced to promote the Surfer Jeff album and video that were released just weeks before the tour began, but was later promoted as the final tour to feature the lineup of Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt & Greg Page[1][2] and the tour ended up being just that. The tour commenced on May 26th, 2012 in Singapore, Asia[3] before the setlist and tour name changed after the November 18th, 2012 show at the Launceston, Tasmania, Australia to "Christmas Celebration Tour!"[4].


After that, they toured the Australian venues they usually toured in the past 15 years with the last two shows of the tour on December 22nd and 23rd at the Sydney Entertainment Centre[5] not only being the first time since 2009 the group has performed at the venue but also the last time the group would perform at the venue before it's closure in 2015 and demolition a year later and the lineup's last show until 2016. The original lineup wouldn't tour again until 2022[6]. The tour would also mark the debut of Do the Propeller! and Simon Says with then "In-Training" wiggles, Simon Pryce, Lachlan Gillespie and Emma Watkins, one of very few tours to not have Hot Potato performed and the last time the songs Ooh It's Captain Feathersword, Getting Strong! and Wiggle 2012 Medley were performed. Fan favorite backup dancer Ben Murray made a brief appearance near the end of Ooh It's Captain Feathersword[7]. The December 23rd show would also mark the only time the song "Wiggling All Over the World" (a cover of John Fogerty's Rockin' All Over the World) would be performed.


Various clips and photos taken from the audience at the December 23rd show have surfaced online[8], but no pro-shot footage have surfaced. Many people online point to a news report on the final shows that has clips from the concert[9] to being footage that the band recorded, but it later turned out to be recorded by the Network 10 News crew. It wasn't until Greg Page's Q&A series "Remembers.. or Tries To" that he revealed that the band did in fact record the December 23rd show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and the footage never saw the light of day. Page later deleted the Q&A series from his YouTube channel, but backups can be found. Since that revelation, the footage has still never been released and it's unknown if it will ever be released.


The second part of Greg Page's Remembers... Or Tries To Q&A series (mentions the concert at 25:35)

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