The Wiggles Big Show (partially lost footage of Melbourne performance; 1997)

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Title card to the excerpt from Wiggle Time (1998), which uses the tour's title.

Status: Partially Lost

The Wiggles Big Show is a concert tour by the Australian children's group The Wiggles. The tour was in promotion for The Wiggles Movie that would be released following the tour's completion. It commenced on October 7, 1997 at the State Sports Centre, Homebush, New South Wales[1] and concluded on December 4, 1997 at the Derwent Entertainment Centre in Tasmania[2]. The tour would be the group's first large scale tour and the first to perform in arenas. A show at the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Centre (either November 7th or 8th) would be recorded, but unlike how much The Wiggles filmed concerts that would get home media releases, the concert is one of many concerts the group recorded that has never seen a home media release and has never been seen in it's entirety.

Setlist[edit | edit source]

There is a lot of information online on what the setlist could be. Complete footage of Hot Potato, Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?), Di Dicki Do Dum, Wake Up Jeff!, Wave To Wags, Tap Wags, Quack Quack, Five Little Ducks, Baby Baluga, Nya Nya Nya, Ooh It's Captain Feathersword, Get Ready To Wiggle and Wiggly Medley exists[3] via episodes of The Wiggles first television series, their short series Let's Wiggle and VideoNow Jr. releases of the former's episodes and the Disney Channel promo has clips from We Like To Say Hello, D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur) and Henry's Dance.[4] A presumed setlist from the tour (in which the concert that was recorded) was found on and a lot of the songs list on the site match the songs that have surviving footage, but it's unconfirmed if it's the actual setlist from the concert.[5]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The first released songs from the film were included as a bonus on the 1998 remake of the Wiggle Time video, with more songs appearing throughout their first TV series on the Seven Network. Their first TV Series would be released on DVD in November 2005, but the performance of Raffi's "Baby Baluga" was excluded due to licensing issues but it did air on Playhouse Disney in North America. A episode from their second TV Series includes a performance of Wake Up Jeff! that was not included in the previous series. Later in 2005, a few episodes of TV series 1 were released as part of VideoNow's Jr. titles in North America. A couple of 3-pack releases containing the "Wiggly Opera" and "Foodman" episodes are notable for having a few bonus "Let's Wiggle" segments at the end which adds extra footage that wasn't previously seen. One being a performance of "Get Ready To Wiggle" that wasn't featured in TV Series 1.

In November 2019, a new splash of information came through after a video containing lots of mid-September 2000 commercials from Australian kids channels was uploaded to YouTube by user StuTwo. Among the commercials was a Disney Channel Australia promo for an airing of the Disneyland special "The Wiggles in Disneyland" and an airing of a TV Special titled "The Wiggles Big Show". The promo contain footage from the November 1997 Melbourne concert that has never been seen before and confirms more songs were performed at the concert[6]. Meaning that footage from the concert was aired as a 60-minute[7] TV special on the Australian Disney Channel[8]. It is also speculated that the special with the concert footage may've have presumably aired on the channel sometime in 1999, as it was a part of a series of Wiggles specials that aired on the Australian Disney Channel throughout the year[9] as a result of the positive reception of the Disneyland special. No recordings of the special have surfaced online.

In November 2020, Anthony Field announced on Twitter that he found a copy of the concert and plans on uploading it to YouTube as part of The Wiggles ongoing Unreleased NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Specials series.[10] In February 2022, the group revealed in a live chat of the 2020 Bushfire Relief concert video that the concert is currently getting a restoration[11]. The date of the concert's upload is currently unknown.

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Mirror of the Disney Channel Australia promo for the special.

Songs[edit | edit source]

The 1998 version of Wiggle Time famously featured clips from the concert.
The TV Series 1 episode "Muscleman Murray", also features songs from the concert.
The TV Series 1 episode "Spooked Wiggles", also features songs from the concert.
The final TV Series 1 episode "Funny Greg", also features songs from the concert.
Hot Potato from the concert from the "Foodman" VideoNow Jr. episode. (Extended intro that wasn't seen in Funny Greg)
Songs from the concert from the "Wiggle Opera" VideoNow Jr. episode. (Get Ready To Wiggle wasn't used in the TV Series)
Baby Baluga from the concert that was cut from Home Media releases and future reruns of Funny Greg
"Wake Up Jeff!" from the TV Series 2 episode "Communication" (Venue location revealed at 0:25)

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