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Title card of the aired version

Status: Lost

Wiggle and Learn is the sixth television series created by Australian children's group The Wiggles that first premiered on April 21, 2008 on the Canadian channel Treehouse[1] and then debuted in the group's native Australia a month later[2]. The series was much different than the group's prior television series' as it was more educational and songs that appeared in the series were taken from videos the group released a year earlier and no songs the group did in the past were re-recorded solely for the series. It was also the only television series to feature Sam Moran as the yellow wiggle in place of founding member Greg Page who left the group in November 2006 due to poor health and the final series from the group to air on Playhouse Disney before moving to Sprout in 2009. The series was planned to air in early 2007 and was going to feature Page and it had a much different design than what aired in 2008.

Outside of songs the group did the year prior, the segments of the show were What Happens Next? It's Up to You!, were the group are doing a activity, challenge or playing pretend and they would need assistance from the viewer which would begin and end with a member of the group singing the title of the segment to the backing track of the song First In Line, Dorothy and Wags, where Dorothy The Dinosaur visits Wags The Dogs house and helps him with problems, teaches him and plays with him, Paint a Picture with Music where Murray and Jeff use their instruments (guitar and keyboard respectively) to paint a picture in the background, What's in the Letterbox?, where a member of The Wiggles would go to the mailbox of their fictional residence "Wigglehouse" and they find a letter or a present and the viewer has to figure out which of their friends sent the letter or gift, Dressing Up with Anthony, where Anthony wears a costume and a member of The Wiggles or Captain Feathersword has to guess what that costume is, which would lead to some incorrect answers and The Three _______, where Anthony introduces a group of three individuals who have something in common and would not realize one of them was Captain Feathersword in disguise.


Production on the show began in early 2006 with Page revealing the title, premise and planned airdate in early 2007 in a interview with Pop Entertainment at the time and that filming on two videos for the series was complete[3], one of those video being Getting Strong!, it's unknown what the other video was or it would evolve into Pop Goes The Wiggles that would be released in September 2007. With songs for the series being lifted straight from the group's videography, it would mean that the only new material for the show were the segments listed above. The Three _______ segment would debut on the group's North American tour in mid-2006 with Greg introducing the group of three individuals instead of Anthony[4]. This could be that the original version of the segment had Greg instead of Anthony. Halfway through the aforementioned North American tour in mid-2006, Greg's health took a turn for the worse, causing him to leave the tour early and Sam would take over for Greg and Anthony would take over The Three _______ segment[5]. Page's departure was announced on November 30, 2006 and he would confirm that Sam would replace him in the group, causing production on Wiggle and Learn to be restarted with Sam Moran as the new yellow wiggle and would premiere in Spring 2008.


Not a lot of information on what was filmed for the series when Greg was still in the group is known. No footage or screenshots from the original version have been released to the public. In a news report on the group's previous band The Cockroaches, there are many scenes that have the group and the group's manager at the time Paul Field surrounded by green screen setting. In some shots, many backgrounds that would be seen in the Sam Moran version of the series were shown. This brings up the possibility that some of the segments from the original version of the series had heavy green screen scenery like the aired version. Though it's unknown which segments as the shots were only for the news report and many of the group members and Paul Field poke fun at The Cockroaches, making it unlikely that the shots were from the original version of the series.[6]

Only surviving screenshot from the original version

On May 26, 2015, the group's official Facebook account announced a documentary on the group's career that would feature unreleased material that was to be released in 2016. Along with the post was a picture of Anthony, Murray and Jeff pointing at a computer screen that shows a never before seen still from a segment of the original version of Wiggle and Learn[7]. The segment does not appear in the aired series and likely never reshot for the aired series. Sadly, the documentary was never completed and missed it's 2016 release date, with Anthony confirming on Twitter five years later that the documentary was cancelled[8] (likely in favor of the reunion shows the group did in 2016), but did confirm that the original version of the series was in the group's archives, but is in a unedited state. Greg also mentioned in his now deleted "Remembers... Or Tries To" Q&A series that he also has some footage from the series. When promoting the group's Unreleased NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Specials series on their YouTube channel in late 2020, Anthony hinted that the original version of the series would be uploaded to the channel[9]. As of the writing of this article, the series has not been upload and all there is of the original version of Wiggle and Learn is the screenshot from 2015 and the 2006 Pop Entertainment interview with Greg.


The Three _______ segment with Greg from the group's 2006 North American Tour

The Three _______ segment with Anthony from the group's 2006 North American Tour

The second part of Greg Page's Remembers... Or Tries To Q&A series (mentions the series at 23:23)

kai's place's video on lost media surrounding The Wiggles (mentions the original series at 16:23)

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