Sailing Around The World Live! (partially lost recordings of The Wiggles tour; 2005-2006)

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The tour's poster

Status: Partially Lost

Sailing Around The World is the twenty-first album released by the Australian children's group The Wiggles on August 8, 2005 with the video of the same name seeing a release in North America on July 19 of the same year before reaching Australian markets on September 23. The album and video would be very different than a typical Wiggles release with it mostly featuring Captain Feathersword and his friendly pirate crew. This change resulted in the video receiving negative reviews on sites like Amazon, despite the change, it has been regarded as a classic in the years since it's release. A large North American tour would commence to promote the album and video just eleven days after it's Australian release and the tour would be known for it's most recorded concerts.

First Leg

The first leg of the tour would follow just days[1] after the conclusion of their UK tour and a lot of the tour's setlist would be carried over into the first leg. The stage would mostly remain the same with the curtain from their Tsunami Relief Benefit being reused and inflatables of their fictional residence Wigglehouse and the S.S. Feathersword also being present and the only thing about the stage that was change throughout the tour was the sky backdrop. The first leg would mark the last time the songs Where's Jeff and The Wiggle Owl Medley would be performed as the former was only played once on the July 30th show at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama and the latter would be performed sporadically throughout the leg before being permanently replaced with Wiggly Go-Go Medley. The August 9th concert at the Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas was recorded but escaped any home media release, possibly due to the low quality of the footage. It was made available through the group's streaming service "Wiggle Time TV" that launched in April 2009. While the service would be shut down in February 2015, the concert would find it's way to YouTube and is currently the only concert with The Wiggle Owl Medley to have been released in it's entirety.

August 9th, 2005 (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Second Leg

The second leg of the tour would start on October 28th in Nashville, Tennessee[2] and would debut the song Sydney Barcarolle with the character Professor Singalottasonga played by backup dancer and eventual yellow wiggle Sam Moran who played the character in the Sailing Around The World video and the previous release Santa's Rockin'!. The leg would be infamous for yellow wiggle Greg Page departing early in the tour due to a double hernia operation[3] and his duties being filled by Moran and fellow back-up dancer Brett Clarke. The tour would end up being put on hold at the end of November 2005 until April 2006 due to the LIVE Hot Potatoes tour in Australia and production on the Racing To The Rainbow video starting up which the latter saw the return of Page to the group. Two shows on the leg were recorded, the November 4th show at the Chevrolet Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut and the November 22nd show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The former would be Page's last record concert before his retirement and the latter featured the appearance of then Miami Heat player Shaquille O'Neal during Hot Potato[4][5]. The Connecticut concert would see a home media release in August 2006 as "Wiggledancing Live In The U.S.A." but only clips of the Florida concert have been released. A release of the latter has recently been teased by Anthony Field on Twitter[6].

November 4th, 2005 (Wallingford, Connecticut)

Fan recording from November 15th, 2005 (Hampton, Virginia)

Clips from November 22nd, 2005 (Miami, Florida)

Third Leg

The third and final leg of the tour started on April 14th, 2006 in Tacoma, Washington[7]. The setlist for the leg would go a massive overhaul with many songs being added and removed with songs like Here Comes a Bear, Ooh It's Captain Feathersword, Dorothy's Dance Party and Dance the Ooby Doo (With Dorothy the Dinosaur) having being performed for the first time in years. Carolyn Ferrie would also return as the voice of Dorothy The Dinosaur for the leg after Latin American blue wiggle Zoe Velez voiced the character in the tour's previous two legs. The April 28th concert at the COX Arena in San Diego, California was recorded but was locked away and unknown to exist until it was uploaded to the group's YouTube channel in December 2020 as the first installment in the ongoing Unreleased NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Specials series.

Fan recording from April 16th, 2006 (Los Angeles, California)

April 28th, 2006 (San Diego, California)