WiggleWorld (partially found interactive children's website; 2000-2001)

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The website's logo.

Status: Partially Found

In June of 2000, a company by the name of Spool Media signed an agreement with The Wiggles to create 'WiggleWorld', an interactive children’s website.[1] The site would launch in December of that same year and would eventually shut down in October 2001.[2] The website included games, e-cards, a screensaver (which still works)[3], colour-in pictures, two message boards (the first was launched on January 12, 2001[4], and the second was launched on February 2, 2001.[5]) and most of all, a fully interactive online 3D environment (a.k.a. the WiggleWorld viewer) that was presumably based off the Wiggles’ world from their second TV series.

The 3D environment was developed by Spool Media using b3d Studio[6], and would allow users to "choose destinations, travel in 3D cars down roads, then look around, pick things up, and learn through fun interactive participation."[6] The viewer also included things such as new characters[1], animations, songs, videos, and other interactive content.[7] Not much information is known about how the WiggleWorld viewer actually ran from a player’s perspective, in fact, only one image has been discovered of the viewer, being found in September of 2022.[8] Which just so happened to be on an old Wiggles fansite.[9]

In order to enter the WiggleWorld viewer, you would first have to get a special software called the “Big Red Car Viewer” that approximately took a few minutes to download at the time.[10][11]

Despite everything that we know about the website and its contents, not much of it ended up getting archived in the end. So as a result, certain parts of the website are now lost. Including any possible way of running the WiggleWorld viewer.



An animated music video of the Wiggles song, "Dorothy the Dinosaur" which very well could've been one of the animations that the ASX media release was referring to.[7] This is further proven by Dorothy saying "I'm having so much fun here in WiggleWorld!" at the beginning of the video.


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