The Wiggles - NASA (lost footage of National Aeronautics and Space Administration performance; 2004)

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The Wiggles with Chandra

Status: Lost

The Wiggles is a popular children's group that formed in 1991 in Sydney, Australia. They are known for their hits Hot Potato, Get Ready To Wiggle, Fruit Salad and many others. Between 1991 and 1998, they mostly released albums and videos and toured heavily and would gain popularity in Australia. By the turn of the century, the group gained globe popularity and their albums, videos, television shows and tours would become hugely successful.

The group was on Tour in North America to promote their albums Top Of The Tots and Cold Spaghetti Western in August 2004 and the group was invited to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. This was not the first time the group went to NASA as a month earlier they filmed a music video for the song Walking On The Moon that would be used in the video It's Time To Wake Up Jeff that would be released in 2006 [1](prologue with Mike Fincke was filmed later in 2004).

Mike Fincke

They communicated with Astronaut Mike Fincke who was in space since April 18, 2004 with Fincke's four year old son Chandra and then two month old sister Tarali Paulina. The group put on a performance of various songs for Fincke, one of those songs being Hot Potato[2] (the group's most popular song) and the group was given a tour of the Space Center as well as Mission Control and the astronaut training facilities. The call to Fincke and performance was broadcasted on NASA Television on August 5, 2004.[3]

No footage from the call or performance has resurfaced. Details on what other songs were performed on that day is also unknown and the only known song to have been performed was Hot Potato. A lot of photos taken by the press from the call have resurfaced and have become very popular when the topic of the NASA visit came up. When the group was interviewed by A Current Affair about the then upcoming reunion shows for Bushfire Relief, Greg showed off one of the spacesuits from the Walking On The Moon video and mentioned the visit to NASA and the performance. When promoting the event on NASA's website, one screenshot of Fincke miming the "Cold Spaghetti" gesture was shown. Many photos of the group in custom made spacesuits have been passed around, but are mostly for promotion for the Walking On The Moon video.

On August 4, 2021, Anthony Field revealed on Twitter that footage from the call and performance will be uploaded to the group's YouTube channel as part of their ongoing Unreleased NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Specials series that began in late 2020[4][5]. Field later revealed to a Twitter user that there was more footage that has yet to be seen or documented.[6]



Walking On The Moon video

A Current Affair interview with the group. Greg brings up the spacesuit and mentions the call and performance at 6:01.


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