Preschool Musical... On a Stick (partially lost PBS Kids Sprout "High School Musical" parody; 2008)

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Logo for Sprout Preschool Musical... On A Stick.

Status: Partially Lost

Sprout Preschool Musical... On a Stick is a made-for-TV musical that features stick puppet characters from The Sunny Side Up Show, The Sprout Sharing Show, The Good Night Show with Nina & Star, The Lets Go Show, Musical Mornings with Coo and The Wiggles. In the musical, they sing about the holiday season, friendship, family and being together during the holidays.[1]


The special was first broadcast in December of 2008. While there is no concrete evidence that the original musical was aired multiple times, its revision, Preschool Musical on 2 Sticks, was[2]. The soundtrack was released on a CD as part of a limited promotional giveaway on the Sprout Online website. The album was also released on iTunes and the Sprout Online website as a digital download, but was eventually taken down. The songs may have been downloadable as late as 2011, before one of the major overhauls on the Sprout Online website. The actual music videos were, for the most part, lost shortly after broadcast, until 2017, when 4 of them were uploaded to Vimeo by Meredith Halpern, Sprout's Creative Director. On Jan 8th, 2020, LMW User ChocolateCircus445 found the CD on Amazon and uploaded all of the songs online. The lyrics of all the songs can be found on The Internet Archive.

On January 8th, 2021, the music videos on Meredith Halpern's Vimeo were taken down/privated for unknown reasons but were later re-uploaded to by user P0902151.

On June 9th, 2023, the entirety of Preschool Musical On a Stick was made public by the University of Georgia's Walter J. Brown Media Archives.

Preschool Musical on 2 Sticks (2009)

In an interview with Halpern, she stated that Preschool Musical on 2 Sticks was a revision of the original 2008 musical. The revisions included a new scene including the Wiggles, the Wiggles being in the finale, and some puppets being attached to two popsicle sticks instead of just one.[3] There is no evidence that a soundtrack CD was ever produced for this revised musical.


Partially Found television special of "Preschool Musical on 2 Sticks (2009)" (Uploaded by: Blue'sClues&TheWigglesFTW)


Song Description Audio-Only Version Status Music Video Version Status Lyrics Status
Promo Promo for a sequel, Preschool Musical On Two Sticks. Non-existent Found Non-existent
We Love The Holidays Nina and Star express their love of the holiday season. Found Found Found
No Day Like A Snow Day On The Farm The human hosts of The Sunny Side Up Show (Sean, Kelly and Kevin) sing about animals playing with them and the magic of the hosts' farm. Found Found Found
Part Of The Family The hosts of The Sprout Sharing Show (Patty, Ricky and Curtis) sing about how the listener is part of their "family" and the joy of sharing. About halfway through the song, Banjo from The Let's Go Show joins in and 'joins' their family. Found Found Found
Holiday Feast The hosts of Sprout Diner (Brussel, Bean and Alfalfa) sing about the things they are cooking for the holiday feast. Found Found Found
If My Friend Was Here The hosts of The Let's Go Show (Miles and Banjo), are in different locations and they sing about how they want to be together for the holidays. Found Found Found
Jingle All The Way Miles and the hosts of The Sunny Side Up Show are riding on a magic sleigh trying to find Banjo, Miles' cohost on The Let's Go Show, who has evidentially gotten lost. This is the only indication by the soundtrack of any conflict. Found Found Found
There's Nothing Better Than Being All Together The whole cast sings about how great it is to be together during the holiday season. They also sing about how the holiday gifts can be feelings, and not just material posessions. In the lyrics of this song, the writers misspelled 'Curtis' as 'Curts'. Found Found Found
There's Nothing Better Than Being AllTogether (Reprise) Reprise of last song. Found Found Existence Unconfirmed

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