Jet Propulsion (partially found pitch pilot of "Ready Jet Go!" PBS Kids CGI-animated series; 2013)

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RJG pilot.jpg

A still from the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Ready Jet Go! was a CGI-animated children's series created by Craig Bartlett that aired on PBS Kids from February 15, 2016 to May 6, 2019. It later returned in 2023 with a feature film entitled Space Camp. The educational objective of the show is to teach its young audience about astronomy and earth science, starring a human-like alien named Jet Propulsion.

In 2013, a pilot entitled Jet Propulsion was created to pitch the series to PBS. It is drastically different from the final show.


The pilot, produced by Wind Dancer Films[1] in 2012[2] was screened to a test audience of children in 2013, and it never aired on TV. It was originally a show targeted towards older children, much like Arthur or Cyberchase. However, in order to capture the attention of younger kids, Mindy, a character who was not in the pilot, was added to the final show. [3] The pilot was 11 minutes in length, much like an average episode of the final series. One of the crew members was Raymie Muzquiz, who was a storyboard artist for it.[2]


Some things that distinguished the pilot from the series were:

  • Jet had a thinner face, thinner hair, purple eyes, and an orange-and-yellow raglan with a stereotypical alien on it.
  • Sean was skinnier and wore a green shirt with a spaceship on it and cargo shorts. His original goal was to win the Nobel Prize.[1] In the show, this was changed to him wanting to lead the first human mission to Mars.
  • Sydney was lighter-skinned, wore her hair in a braid, and wore a pink and purple outfit.
  • Sunspot was plumper and cream-colored.


The pilot was never released to the public. The only footage available comes from a demo reel from Wind Dancer Films. A few screenshots from the pilot can also be accessed on their site via the Wayback Machine.[4]




Wind Dancer Films reel that contains clips of the pilot.

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