WordWorld (found test pilot of PBS Kids CGI animated educational series; 2005)

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Wordworld 2d.jpeg

Concept art.

Status: Found

Date found: 15 May 2022

Found by: Ajay S

WordWorld is a CGI animated educational series that aired on PBS Kids from 2007-2011. The show is based on the books of the same name and also teaches children words with animals whose bodies resemble the letters that spell out the name of their species, along with other miscellaneous objects like planes being built with letters that spell out that word.

Test Pilot

In 2005 when the show was first being developed, there was some concept art that was made with the characters designed in 2D animation instead of CG like in the final show, speculating there was an early test pilot made using 2D animation, but this was later disproven.

The only sources of the test pilot's existence comes from an Animation Magazine article, which also mentions them experimenting with live-action, along with Patricia Atchison's resume mentioning she worked as a Story Artist for the series when it was in 2D.[1]

The pilot was found on May 15th, 2022, and featured CGI animation, but with different character designs compared to the final show. In the pilot, Dog invites his friend Elephant to play at his house, but Elephant has trouble fitting through the door and bursts apart. Luckily for them, Ant builds the word "elephant," bringing Elephant back to life.



The test pilot.


Concept Art

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