What's The Big Idea? (non-existent pitch pilot of "Sid The Science Kid" PBS Kids CGI animated series; 2007)

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Sid the science kid pilot.jpeg

The pilot's logo.

Status: Non-Existent

Sid the Science Kid is a PBS Kids CGI animated series that ran from 2008-2013. The show revolves around a kid name Sid, who uses stand up comedy to answer science related questions that other kids ask with help from his teacher, family and his other classmates May, Gerald, and Gabriela. The series was also the second to animate using motion capture after Donkey Kong Country (1997).

Rumored Original Pilot

Some users had originally speculated that during 2007, a pilot was made for the series when it was under the working title What's The Big Idea?.[1] Like the final show, the pilot was animated using motion capture to simulate puppetry in real time. Sid's was also originally named Josh and had a much different design compared to the final show. However, a pilot was never specifically confirmed in any early information for the show.


In an email with Discord user DwaynetheHero in April 2024, it was confirmed by a crewmember that a pilot did not exist and there was only an animation test.


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Behind the scenes footage (appears 0:44-1:25).

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