Dragon Tales "One Small Step for Cassie" and "Circle of Friends" (lost pilots of PBS Kids animated series; 1999)

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Dragon tales concept art.jpg

An early promotional image of the show which features a completely different look, possibly related to the pilots.

Status: Lost

Dragon Tales is a 1999 PBS Kids series created by Sesame Workshop. The show centers on six-year-old Emmy and her four-year-old brother Max, who find a magical dragon scale in the playroom of their new home that can transport them to a land inhabited by dragons called Dragon Land.

A pilot episode of the show is rumored to exist, which consisted of two segments: One Small Step for Cassie, which was about the characters going to the moon, and Circle of Friends, which was about the dragons trying to teach Max how to draw perfect circles. It's rumored that this episode may have been shown to the sponsors who funded the show and to PBS themselves, but Jeffery Scott, one of the writers of Dragon Tales, does not know if it did air. [1]

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