PBS Kids Vote-A-Rama (lost bumpers of "Arthur" themed marathon; 2002)

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PBS Kids vote a rama promo.png

Screenshot from a recently found promo for the event.

Status: Lost

PBS Kids Vote-A-Rama was an event on PBS Kids in 2002 featuring a marathon of three Arthur episodes voted by fans, followed by the premiere of Liberty's Kids. The bumpers shown in-between episodes featured Arthur and Buster counting down the episodes and other things like that, but these bumpers are all lost.


In the event, fans could go onto the PBS Kids website to vote for which episodes of Arthur were their favorite, and the top 3 voted episodes would be aired in a marathon on September 2nd, 2002. The voting was held August 11-25 and there were 187, 503 total votes cast.[1] The top 3 voted episodes (the ones that were aired on the marathon) were "Prunella's Special Edition"/"The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies," "The Contest"/"Prove It" and "Arthur's Chicken Pox"/"Sick as a Dog."[2] There were reportedly bumpers in-between each episode featuring Arthur characters announcing the next episode and interviewing real people including Aaron Carter. All of these promos are lost to this day. The bumpers were once on pbskids.org, but are now gone and weren't archived properly.


While nothing from the event itself has been found, one bumper promoting the voting from before the event has been found by YouTuber Just Old Commercials and reuploaded by Peeebs with permission. Some archived webpages about the event can also be viewed.


A promo of the event.

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