Peg + Cat (partially lost pitch pilot of PBS Kids educational animated series; 2011)

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Peg + cat logo.jpeg

The final show's title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Peg + Cat is an educational animated series developed by the Fred Rogers Co. that ran on PBS Kids from 2013-2018. The series about a young girl name Peg and her talking cat that speaks to young viewers on how to help solve various math problems throughout each episode.

Pitch Pilot

In 2011 a pilot was made and uploaded to the PBS Kids website to help get viewer's feedback on the show.[1][2] It's plot was similar to the book The Chicken Problem released a year later. The feedback was positive and the show was greenlit for a series. At some point the pilot was taken down and was replaced with clips of various episodes from the series.


Since then, the only footage of the pilot came from an animation reel made by Jane Nechayevsky, one of the animators from the show. In August 2017, another animator for the show Christopher Jammal uploaded the pilot's storyboard onto his Vimeo account. As of 2023 the rest of the pilot has yet to resurface.




A clip of the pilot.

The pilot's storyboard.

Footage from the reel.

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